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Chew toys for older kids

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Fightingagain Mon 06-Feb-12 20:17:19

Ds (12) has been chewing his nails and skin around them to bits sad and also starts on his sleeves when really stressed. Can anyone recommend chewing/fidget toys that might help but are not too young looking? Thanks

IndigoBell Mon 06-Feb-12 20:50:22

Chewy Pencil Toppers

Fightingagain Mon 06-Feb-12 21:55:45

Thanks Indigo - will give these a go.

joencaitlinsmum Tue 07-Feb-12 13:54:11

Have the same problem with my DS (nearly 12!) he was going through an eraser a week chewing it in class not to mention pens and the skin around his nails.

He now takes a puffle (club penguin) keyring as it has a fluffy top in his school trouser pocket to stroke when he is stressed, I was given a rugby ball stress ball which he has taken a shine to as well.

Someone else suggested a blob of bluetack.


redgate Wed 08-Feb-12 14:08:05

Fledglings ( have a range of different chewy toys. The P's and Q's are good, but they also have chewy tubes and bracelets which are more grown up looking.

Hethbell Thu 09-Feb-12 15:00:52

The sensory spot is a small online shop. I bought some chew sticks with an angry birds lanyard and some chew sticks that are clear and fit on the end of pencils etc. can be washed in the dishwasher too. works for us but must say not every day still bites his nails and skin. DS 12 with ASD.

JsOtherHalf Thu 09-Feb-12 21:50:18

What about something that would clip onto his clothing?

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