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DS like a toddler

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jenk1 Thu 18-Aug-05 09:12:07

as some of u may know my ds who is 9 has AS. whenever we take him out its like going for a walk with a toddler, he runs away,climbs everything,runs into the road,cant judge car distances and is obsessed with picking things up off the floor. its got to the point now where i dont take him out on my own anymore with DH which is a shame while its summer holidays but i cant cope with him and a baby also but i feel so guilty,does this behaviour get better or worse as time goes on? i asked his psychologist but they wouldnt give me a straight answer, it makes me feel sad as he is missing out on a lot due to this

Tiggiwinkle Thu 18-Aug-05 09:58:52

I have the same problems Jenk-my DS is 6 and has AS. I do not as a rule take him out on my own-luckily I have older DSs (in their twenties!)who I can drag along with us to help out if my DH is at work.
We took him to the park yesterday and he was a nightmare-either racing away from us or refusing point blank to walk!

pixel Thu 18-Aug-05 11:25:20

Eek! My ds is the same, I've often said it is like taking an 18 month old out, either running off or inspecting the pavement, expecting to be carried etc. He's 5 and I'd hoped that by the age of 9 he would have outgrown it! There's no way I could take him anywhere without the buggy.

Sorry, I'm not being much help to you am I? hopefully someone else knows more about older children and can give you some ideas.

Davros Thu 18-Aug-05 20:08:02

My DS is OK when we go out but needs A LOT of managing, prompting, controlling. And with a 2.5 year old as well I just can't take them out together unless its in the car. I have to get someone else to have one or the other. I have bravely taken them both to the supermarket once which was OK, they enjoyed it, but I was a stressed wreck. I couldn't go to a park or somewhere with "freedom", I'd lose one or both..... actually sounds tempting now!

Jimjams Thu 18-Aug-05 20:13:19

you took them BOTH to the suprmarket! how?

I thought I was going to have to take all 3 to drop ds2 at nursery tomorrow-ds1 on his belt, would prob have put ds3 in a sling and then barking at ds2 to walk nicely. My mum went ape, said it was too dangerous and she would do it then go to work!

Davros Sat 20-Aug-05 18:35:59

Well Jimjams, you'll remember that not long ago I still stuffed DS into a trolley. Had to give that up and started going to shops with him on foot and with just a few things to get. That was much better than I expected so then used a trolley with him on foot. Not much difference to DD being stuffed in the trolley. I go several times a week with DS only but have only done it once with both of them but feel pretty sure that I could, esp somewhere familiar and loads of the staff at my local M&S know all of us well and are really helpful.
FWIW, I think your mum was right! It is an issue of safety in the end.

Jimjams Sat 20-Aug-05 18:47:14

Ahh I see. I can usually walk with ds1 and ds3 in a buggy. This week I needed to go to the post box but decided not to take both (usually I would) as the previous 5 walks we'd gone in he'd jammed in his heels and tried to go the opposite direction.

I've started doing the few items at quiet time with just ds1 as well. He's fine in Sainsbury's as he has some abolute favourite biscuits in the world from there and he stands in the queue holding the box giggling at the thought of eating them. They're Sainsbury's own brand though and apparently choc buttons don't hold the same interest (tried that in other shops).

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