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Prufrock Tue 16-Aug-05 22:20:27

Could anybody help with some information for my aunt? It's not really SN, but I hoped somebody here may have dealt with similar issues.

My uncle has vascular problems. He has already had a quintuple bypass and one leg amputated, and has lost 2 toes from the other. As he also has diabetes his doctors will not amputate the other leg as they feel he will not heal after such a major operation. He is having real problems managing the stairs in their house which are only going to get worse, indeed he expects to be wheelchair bound within months. My aunt is considering moving, but bungalows in her area are rare, and as we all know it is not going to be long until he dies, it would be hugely preferable for her to not have the upheaveal of moving to a new area. But she can't afford the cost of adding a downstairs bathroom/bedroom, or knocking through the existing kitchen and dining to make the kitchen wheelchair accessable. Is it possible to get grants for this sort of thing? If so, who would she contact? She works (a teacher so on about £30k) he can't, doesn't receive any benefits (he was self-employed before getting ill and didn't pay enough NI to et incapacity, and she earns too much for him to get income support). He does get high rate mobilty DLA, which covers the cost of his car, but no care element (he can do everything but walk competently).

TIA for any info

Jimjams Tue 16-Aug-05 22:21:33

social services OT dept I would imagine..... no experience though.

katymac Tue 16-Aug-05 22:22:07

Would a stair lift be easier (& cheaper), it doesn't solve the kitchen problem tho'

jayzmummy Wed 17-Aug-05 02:25:15

Grants are available for adaptations to dwellings to enable elderly disabled dependants to live with family. You would need to contact the local council office and ask for the relevant department that deals with grants for the disabled for adaptations to a private warned though there is never enough money in the pot!! The new fiancial year does not start until there will be no chance of any funding this year and next years budget is more than likely ear marked for others.

Good Luck and I HTH.

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