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direct payments

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jenk1 Mon 15-Aug-05 10:26:54

i have seen this mentioned a few times on this forum but dont know what they are can someone explainn them to me please

jenk1 Mon 15-Aug-05 11:50:12


leesax Wed 17-Aug-05 15:13:01


Direct payment is when the social services agree that they will pay for you to have respite. they send the money into an account on a monthly basis and you pay the carer you choose directly.

Will worn you there is loads of paperwork as you are classed as an employer, but there is a organisation that can help with it all.

Jimjams Wed 17-Aug-05 16:18:11

You don't have to use it for respite though. I use it for an extra pair of hands. My helper is out at the moment with ds2 and ds3, that allowed me to take ds1 out this afternoon. We're just back and now I can cook tea

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