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Proud 2...

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eidsvold Sat 12-Jul-03 12:54:29

Dd has started to crawl ( in a fashion - wormy squirm) across the room. Yesterday I had to pop upstairs for a moment and left her sitting playing with some toys. I came back and she was on her tummy facing the opposite direction, across the room at her toy box. She has now just crawled across the floor to get her hands on the remote control.

SHe also had her fist paddle in her paddling pool. It is her 1st birthday next month and we bought her the pool for that - figured we better get it early in case there it not too long to enjoy it. SHe looked so cute in her sunvest and hat splashing like mad....

Caroline5 Sat 12-Jul-03 14:14:50

Great news, eidsvold !

2under2 Sat 12-Jul-03 14:28:51

ooh, eidsvold, that's BRILLIANT news!!! you must be so proud. It'll be great for your dd to have this extra bit of independence when she starts nursery.
Oh, and happy splashing!

Jimjams Sat 12-Jul-03 17:35:12

brilliant! Congrats eidsvold

chatee Sat 12-Jul-03 22:36:39

lovely to hear this baby eidsvold...hope you get up to lots of mischief

MABS Sun 13-Jul-03 09:32:42

wonderful Eidsvold - fab news

GRMUM Sun 13-Jul-03 18:40:14

Great news - you'll have to start moving things out of reach now!

fio2 Tue 15-Jul-03 12:40:23

well done baby eidsvold

ThomCat Tue 15-Jul-03 12:47:54

Sorry, I missed this yesterday - Edisvold - she's crawling!!! Wow that's fabulous, I'm over the mon for you both. what a brilliant little girl you have. Not surprising it was the remote control that made her do it, what is it about kids and remote controls?!!

doormat Tue 15-Jul-03 13:13:20

wonderful news baby eidsvold

ThomCat Fri 18-Jul-03 13:34:49

Right after doing a bit of moaning and being miserable about the standing frame thought I Lottie deserves her praises sung so......

I'm proud of the way everyone catches her eye when we're out and gives her a massive smile.
I'm bursting with pride at the 3 or 4 comments I've received from people who say much the same as this lady: "Excuse me, hope you don't mind me saying but I was feeling a bit blue today and the smile your little girl just gave me has made me feel so much better" Then she squeezed my arm and walked off! How lovely.
I'm proud of the way she reaches out to people to be held by them even though she's never seen them before in her life
I'm proud of the way she laughs at the silliest and smallest things.
I'm proud of the way she kisses her spoonful of wheetabix before eating it
I'm proud to be her mum.

fio2 Fri 18-Jul-03 13:43:49

Thomcat thats lovely

doormat Fri 18-Jul-03 14:45:22

Thomcat she sounds so cute, of course you must be proud

2under2 Fri 18-Jul-03 14:52:22

awww Thomcat that was wonderful to read. Brought tears to my eyes. Lottie sounds so lovely.

lou33 Fri 18-Jul-03 14:57:34

I replied on the other one TC!

ThomCat Fri 18-Jul-03 15:09:34

I know I saw Lou, thanks. I posted it here and then thought, why am I doing this in special needs so pasted it there too! Aren't the Mums on this site lovley!

doormat Fri 18-Jul-03 17:25:08

Well crying my eyes out at the moment, me being the soft wuss that I am but I received ds's who's 6 record of acheivent today and the pictures have made me cry with pride and joy.
In the pictures he is holding a spoon and eating,drinking from a cup and other acheivements that are too numerous to mention.So bloody proud of him.His school never ceases to amaze me on how they MAKE him do these little things that we take for granted.

lou33 Fri 18-Jul-03 17:45:14

Doormat how wonderful .

ThomCat Fri 18-Jul-03 17:46:09

Awww doormat, how fantastic. Tears of joy are great tears to cry so enjoy them! What a lovley start to the weekend ahead - have a great one.

eidsvold Fri 18-Jul-03 18:44:08

brilliant doormat....

and Lottie is gorgeous. I find it lovely when dd smiles at people - have mothers at mother and baby group ( not the most welcoming of places) comment about how smily, happy and content dd is. Makes me feel good and a little smug

fio2 Fri 18-Jul-03 19:01:32

doormat he sounds like hes making good progress
Isnt it nice to be able to post nice things on here about our children, little things that some people just cant understand(no offence to anyone here) I was so proud of my dd a couple of months ago because she had mastered the art of walking up kerbs without holding onto my hand-big step for her- I told one of my friends as I was soo proud of her and she just said 'how nice' and looked at me in a very strange manner!!

Eulalia Sat 19-Jul-03 23:36:13

Feeling really happy as ds (autistic) said he loved me at bedtime tonight. OK I had to say it to him first but it sounded so lovely to hear it. It is his birthday today - he is 4 and he had a great time today His speech has really come on a lot in the past couple of months.

Jimjams Sun 20-Jul-03 09:38:59

awww lovely eulalia.....

Jimjams Sun 20-Jul-03 12:38:56

my turn

Ds1 has just come in from the garden shouting "da da mmdan" (want the toilet) I said "go on then Mummy will be up in a minute". he went up to the bathroom- usually he then just stands next to the toilet waiting, but when I got up there he had pulled his shorts and nappy down and sat himself on there all by himself. He'd done his wee already in his nappy- but never mind....

lou33 Sun 20-Jul-03 17:39:22

Great news Eulalia and Jimjams, and happy birthday to MiniE!

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