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SA2 advice for statement letter

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shey Tue 09-Aug-05 20:34:47

I know there is a statement thread on a daily basis and I will read through them all....but I am suddenly running out of time to get my letter in to accompany SA2. Does anyone have any tips for the style in which I write (objective/emotive) and what factors I ought to include in order to be successful. I have a sort of emotional shell around me at the moment and I am approaching this in a very functional/determined/focused manner. (highly out of character) We are desperate to get the statement for DS!! Any advice would be sooooo welcome.

jayzmummy Tue 09-Aug-05 20:44:17

I think the way you are approaching it by being determined, functional and focussed is the only way you can go.....the LEA officers dont want to know about emotion....they want hard facts. I'd make a list off all the areas where your DS has problems and offer factaul evidence to support this.

Good Luck...its a minefield and a blooming hard battle....but dont give up.

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