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Jimjams Thu 10-Jul-03 20:06:15

At last! We had a visit from the autism specialist today who has agreed to take DS1 onto her case load. She agreed that the BIBIC recommendations were reasonable (daily salt from an LSA who is trained via weekly visits from a salt for half a term). They said the half a term bit might be difficult - but that doesn't amtter as he is only starting part time anyway. He will be getting 4 SALt visits a term- with the chance to increase if necessary (eg if he does turn out to have verbal dyspraxia as well).

I moaned about not being taken seriously whn I mentioned the possibility of verbal dyspraxia over a year ago. She asked whether the CDC had assessed him for that and looked faintly horrified when I said they hadn't even listened to him speak (I didn't tell her I was told I must be imagining him speaking as he wasn't able to).

Anyway at last. Phew. Celebratory curry tonight........

pie Thu 10-Jul-03 20:07:39

I've been reading about your trials and are so pleased you've got a result!!!

Congrats to you as DS

SoupDragon Thu 10-Jul-03 20:14:45

I gathered that from another thread and looked for you announcing it anywhere... Congratulations!!

WideWebWitch Thu 10-Jul-03 20:29:38

About time too. Good news.

LIZS Thu 10-Jul-03 20:30:44

Well done to you both. Proves what a lot of tenacity can achieve and really hope you can all start to reap the benefits soon.

MABS Thu 10-Jul-03 20:33:01

brilliant Jimjams - enjoy your curry! xx

chatee Thu 10-Jul-03 20:38:28

excellent news jimjams well done

ks Thu 10-Jul-03 20:39:05

Message withdrawn

fio2 Thu 10-Jul-03 20:41:35

So pleased for you and ds1 it must be a real weight off your shoulders, just a shame you've had to go to such lengths to sort it out. Your ds's are lucky to have a mum like you to fight their corner.

Enjoy your curry, just about to tuck in to a balti myself dh has come home a day early, yippee!

judetheobscure Thu 10-Jul-03 20:59:25

Fantastic news jimjams, well done.

lou33 Thu 10-Jul-03 21:02:13

What brilliant news Jimjams, give yourself a big pat on the back for finally being heard!

hmb Thu 10-Jul-03 21:06:28

Many, many congratulations to you. Goodness knows that you and your ds deserve the very best

sobernow Thu 10-Jul-03 21:12:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pimpernel Thu 10-Jul-03 21:19:42

Congratulations Jimjams - that's really good news!

tigermoth Fri 11-Jul-03 06:31:22

jimjams what a relief. This has been such a time consuming slog for you. With this battle won, will you have still others to fight or can you relax?

As well as being good news for you, the knowledge you have gained along the way must be so helpful other parents, both via your website and local groups, and via mumsnet, especially now they your efforts have proved worth it.

doormat Fri 11-Jul-03 07:51:44

Congratulations Jimjams, you must be over the moon

Jimjams Fri 11-Jul-03 08:03:49

Thanks everyone.

I think it's safe to say that's round 1 tigermoth. We now have a big meeting next week with the school and LEA to sort out the statement. We want SALT in part 2 and 3 of the statement (which means the LEA then has to come up with the goods even if the health authority doesn't) the LEA wants it in parts 5 and 6 (which means that everyone can merrily ignore it and it's just tough if he doesn't get it). LEA are currently saying we will have to go to tribunal to get it in parts 2 and 3. We are trying to point out that their arguments have been rejected in the court of appeal and in judicial review so unless they want to take it to the house of lords they should stop wasting everyone's time and follow the law. So we shall see. If we go to tribunal we will win- it'll just mean the statement isn't issued which will make it impossible for the school to employ an LSA, and will mean he can't start school. Oh fun and games. Wish these bloody people would read the law!

Davros Fri 11-Jul-03 08:13:47

Congratulations JimJams. Now, what about the LSA? Do you have any input on that? Most schools just pick someone without consulting the parents at all but some are more co-operative. If you can find someone you like to work with him over the summer (you mentioned someone moving to your area) then they could apply for the job via the usual routes (Equal Ops) and would be fairly likely to get it. It all depends on the school and the people you are dealing with whether you reveal that this person is your choice or not. That is, if this imaginary fairy godmother is out there!

eefs Fri 11-Jul-03 08:51:46

jimjam's, that's fantastic news. I hope you can relax for a while now bwfore the enxt battle.

It is so wrong that unless you go to these efforts, your son will not be properly treated.

GRMUM Fri 11-Jul-03 11:17:55

Great news jimjams.You and all the mums here have my utmost admiration.Even more so because it seems that these days you have to battle for services that should be offered to your children automatically.

Best of luck to ds.I shall enjoy every mention he gets on the proud thread.

rainbow Fri 11-Jul-03 11:36:28

Congrats Jimjams about time too!! Don't let them put you off. It will be a fight. I am a nursery nurse and 1 of my key children, in my opinion, has severe autistic tendancies, yet the health authority fail to acknowledge that there is anything wrong with him. He is 3 years old, cannot talk, cannot walk, will not socialise, and hates change of any discription among other things. We are helping his mother fight the HA (he's too young for LEA!) and it has been a very tough struggle. Don't let them try to pad it out with technical jargon which when you peel the layers back it reads 'we cannot be bothered'(we have had a lot of that). You probably know most of the excuses and then some by now. I have an "all teams meeting" and as his keyworker will be attending along with his physio, GP, social worker, parents and speech therapist. All these people for a child who has "nothing wrong with him".

Davros Fri 11-Jul-03 18:56:06

He is NOT too young for LEA or statementing. That is something professionals say to put parents off and many genuinely believe it. Its an urban myth! We started statementing when our son was just over 2 years old. I think under 2 is different and probably more difficult.

Jimjams Fri 11-Jul-03 19:32:09

Yep you can statement from 2. The lEA got very cross with me when I started it early though. Rainbow the parents can out in a parental request. All the info is here

I've been thinking about the LSA all day Davros..... Hmmmmmm........

ScummyMummy Sat 12-Jul-03 03:02:23

Good news, jimjams

fio2 Sat 12-Jul-03 10:41:34

rainbow we also starting statementing process for our dd at 2, the LEA are reluctant to do it but they will with a bit of gentle(ha!) persuasion. Try to push it as our statement has only just come through and shes 3 1/2 now.

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