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Just got back from BIBIC

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sylvm Tue 09-Aug-05 12:37:07

.. well actually the end of last week. We were very impressed but I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything they've given us to do. We didn't intend to start the exercise problem till after we get back from holiday but I am trying to get stuff together. The two most interesting things they picked up about DD were the fact that she has problems with her auditory processing and also has sensory issues. I was not really surprised to hear either but it is good to have it confirmed. What it has made me determined to do is enjoy her more which (to be perfectly honest) I haven't been. I think the time doing the programme, plus the additional activities may give us that if we try to keep it low key. I know I've been very guilty of letting her watch TV and/or go on the computer because then the conflicts don't arise. I also intend to get hold of "an out of synch child" which I have heard is very good and will probably be useful. The nutrition side of things was fascinating, most of it I knew but didn't necessarily follow. I intend to make changes to all of our diets, not just M's. If it doesn't do anything else, and I'm trying to be realistic here, I hope it will have given us a better perspective on everything (gosh I'm being profound this morning).

Bethron Tue 09-Aug-05 13:39:22

Message withdrawn

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