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We survived our camping trip!

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pixel Sat 06-Aug-05 22:59:14

It was bloomin' good actually! We'd been most worried about losing ds but he couldn't figure out that he had to undo two zips just to get out of the sleeping compartment so that was ok. He loved his sleeping bag and caused great hilarity trying to climb into mine in the mornings (there wasn't room). The people in the next tent must have wondered what on earth was going on!

There were drawbacks of course, such as doing my back in carrying him to and fro the shower block as he refused to walk for the first two days due to it being a strange place. After that he got the hang of things and looked so cute in his pyjamas and wellies! We only managed to have a meal out by tying him to the restaurant chair as there was no way I was repeating the 'Pizzahut experience' we had on the journey there. We got some odd looks but hey it worked and he actually ate some scampi and chips in the end. And yes, it was sad seeing all the other little kids making new friends and racing around on scooters etc while my ds just wanted to play in the car, but he was happy enough. Shame he broke the rear window wiper though!

All in all, much less traumatic than anticipated. Dh looked after ds while dd and I went off together to look for deer in the woods so it was nice to give her some attention. We didn't see any deer because she couldn't stop talking long enough. Chalk and cheese, my kids! I even managed to go horseriding twice which was absolute bliss. Roll on next time!

anniebear Sun 07-Aug-05 10:02:49

Really glad you all enjoyed it


Davros Sun 07-Aug-05 10:06:11

Great Pixel, glad it went well.

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