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Disabled child in ad

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Jimjams Sat 06-Aug-05 20:05:50

Kind of (wanted to make the thread title a little unobvious ;o)

DS1 is being swung between dh and myself. We weren't originally planning to be in any photos as such so god knows what dh is wearing and I look horribly like a fat Cherie Blair (reminder - have just had 3rd c section 6 months ago). Anyway ds1 was being very flitty for Charlotte so it was the easiest way to get him facing the camera.

Click on more and you can see ds2 looking through steps.

Charlotte was great, very patient. She has an ad in small businesses and I'd highly recommend her.


Bethron Sat 06-Aug-05 20:08:13

Message withdrawn

Bethron Sat 06-Aug-05 20:08:47

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Sat 06-Aug-05 20:08:59

Jimjams, they're gorgeous photos! You all look fantastic, what are you on about - not a trace of "fat Cherie Blair"?!

I think we'll have Charlotte to take photos when number two arrives - I posted a link to her site the other day as I had been so impressed with her photos.

Bethron Sat 06-Aug-05 20:09:21

Message withdrawn

Jimjams Sat 06-Aug-05 20:09:30

That's ds2- he'll pose for anyone - loves being centre of attention.

Jimjams Sat 06-Aug-05 20:11:45

don't worry bethron. Ds1 can be gorgeous too (actually tbh he's the looker) but he's bloody hard to photograph. She took some great ones of him on dh's shoulders. Some lovely ones of ds3 as well.... And some very very rare photos of all of us!

Bethron Sat 06-Aug-05 20:13:20

Message withdrawn

jayzmummy Sat 06-Aug-05 20:14:30

Really beautiful photographs and ones to treasure.

anniebear Sat 06-Aug-05 20:14:31

Jimjams, he's lovely!!

Would love to have some photos done of mine, But trying to get Ellies wonky eye to go straight, stop her legging it and get Grace not to do a false smile all at the same time? No chance!!!

He really is a cutie!!

oops Sat 06-Aug-05 20:16:21

Message withdrawn

Jimjams Sat 06-Aug-05 20:16:52

anniebear ds1 did leg it! It was hilarious- dh ended up covered in mud (think he is in the photo) as he fell over chasing ds1 up a really steep bank. ds2 and ds3 were both a doddle, but between refusing to stay still he was completely refusing to make any eye contact at all with Charlotte.

anniebear Sat 06-Aug-05 20:17:34

Oh no!! I can easily imagine it all!!!!! lol

jenkins88 Sat 06-Aug-05 20:22:59

Beautiful photos. Lovely looking boys

Fio2 Sat 06-Aug-05 20:23:04

who is the girl?

am i losing the plot

and you have lovely teeth! and look fab what are you on/ i will send you a pic of me and scare you

expatinscotland Sat 06-Aug-05 20:25:32

Puh-leeze! You are NOT fat!

Lovely photo.

Jimjams Sat 06-Aug-05 20:25:49

teeth ha ha you make me sound like a horse! I also think you're looking at the wrong picture plot loser!

The website is Charlotte's - a photographer- the photos are hers. I'm the CB lookalike with dh and ds1 (and ds2 on the next page!)

expatinscotland Sat 06-Aug-05 20:31:39

And you're also not fat . Also Cherie Blair doesn't look as nice .

Jimjams Sat 06-Aug-05 20:33:05

I don't usually look like CB

Fio2 Sat 06-Aug-05 20:33:47

sorry i pmsl laughiong now, i will have a lok again in amin!

jessicaandbumpsmummy Sat 06-Aug-05 20:33:48

how fantastic are those pics - and it is reasonable too..... god i wish i was in london!

Jimjams Sat 06-Aug-05 20:35:06

expat I think its fio who's looking at the wrong photo. She's looking at the beautiful one with the nice teeth and a very sweet little boy!

Jimjams Sat 06-Aug-05 20:36:07

jessica - I'm not in London- I nabbed Charlotte while she was on holiday in Devon

maddiemo Sat 06-Aug-05 20:36:42

Ds1 looks lovely and lively in the picture.
Ds2 looks like a cheeky one.

They are lovely pictures, very relaxed looking.

Blossomhill Sat 06-Aug-05 20:40:04

Really gorgeous photos jimjams. I have seen pictures of you before but you look different. I think you have very short hair? All th same you all look lovely

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