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Toilet Training

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eidsvold Sat 06-Aug-05 13:17:03

FOrgot to pass this one on.... have been making a big deal about asking dd1 if she is wet, has done a wee or poo etc for a few weeks now - trying to get her to get the idea of toileting. ALso put her on the potty every now and then.. just when I think she would normally do something.

Well we have had some success -at first it was just a bit of a delaying tactic not to go for a nap- lots of wee wee said but none done....... on five occasions she has said to either dh or I - wee, wee and we have taken her to the potty or the toilet and she has done a wee...... cue big smiles and clapping - very pleased with herself. She even treated dh to a double banger - wee and poo...... I was not really going to make it a concerted effort until the summer when we don't really have much to do and all our activities are in recess but I think she may be ready for it sooner.

We now have a big chart in the kitchen with well done Dd on it and she has three stickers so far.

I am so suprised that she has taken to it - probably like everything else - once she takes to it and decides this is how it will be from now on - there will be no rest for me.

I can't believe how she got the idea so quickly. I did have to laugh - the other day I was on the loo doing a wee when she came to see where I was ( door open - have to listen out for the monkeys.... told dd1 I was doing a wee and did the makaton for toilet ( much better than the UK sign for toilet) as I finished - dd1 reappeared with a nappy for me well that is what I do when she is finished weeing......

fairydust Sat 06-Aug-05 13:21:42

that's fantastic well done you dd.

piffle Sat 06-Aug-05 13:54:20

Eids that is fabulous news, toilet training for us was an unimaginable success as well - out of the blue as well!
WEll done to you

Fio2 Sat 06-Aug-05 16:55:32

wonderful; news fio

Socci Sun 07-Aug-05 00:40:56

Message withdrawn

Davros Sun 07-Aug-05 10:05:10

Great news Eidsvold. Socci, I'm sure your DD will get there. I was thinking the other day how FEW children with SN (esp ASD) I know who aren't toilet trained. It just takes longer. I'm amazed at DD (NT) who isn't 2.5 until Sept and has just started using the potty and toilet totally spontaneously. I'd got the things in readiness and she just started going People have asked me if she's ready and I say "yes, she is but I'm not!" NT kids are amazing as Jimjams said on another thread.

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