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Conductive Education

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jayzmummy Fri 05-Aug-05 10:31:34

Has anyone got any feedback on this?
Someone suggested it to us as possibly being beneficial as it may help with J's dyspraxia.

Jimjams Fri 05-Aug-05 10:36:20

not sure about the finding one owns way in the case of autism. Also in our case (not sure whether this would affect you) if it involved copying there would be no chance.

beep Fri 05-Aug-05 11:15:28

I only have exprience of this for cp,but am very happy that dd was able to walk after 1 year at the school.(milestones gloucester)

Davros Fri 05-Aug-05 12:42:21

I posted something about this AGES ago, as much as a year ago, as I had heard something on Radio 4. An archive search might throw it up although I find the archive search useless tbh. I seem to rememeber Lou saying something about you either go Peto or Bobath and there is a difference, I could be wrong????

Fio2 Fri 05-Aug-05 15:44:33

I havent read the story but they used to =do this at my daughters old school. it was developed by an hungarian person and had such good resulkts with children with cerebral palsy they started teaching it over here. my daughter used to recieve it, it is usually used to improve children with physichal impairments

mulsey Fri 05-Aug-05 20:33:42

My daughter attends the Craighalbert Centre in Cumbernauld, near Glasgow, its a conductive education centre. I recently sat in on a one day training course about dyspraxia for educational staff. It was very interesting, as the centre has a saturday class for kids with dyspraxia. Its for school age kids, both primary and secondary.They showed us a video of the first session ever of saturday school and then another video taken at a later date - the difference in the kids movement was great. It works because everything is broken down into small sequences, this is accompanied by a strong rhythmn or song, which helps the brain store the sequence. Also, the peer support was great.
At the end of the day, what works for one,might not work for another - but conductive education has been a blessing for us, and helping my daughters hypotinia. For the very first time today my daughter at the age of 4 1/2 walked around a shop using her kaye walker - its fab.

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