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Cannot believe this !

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Blossomhill Thu 04-Aug-05 20:32:13

Went to my local support group for mum's with sn children. Talking to my 2 friends there, 1 whose son has quite severe cp and the other whose son has DS with autism. Well both of them said when they have been away on holiday members of the public have complained for example if they shout out or just for doing things that may not be appropiate.
I was so saddened to see this. I mean it is obvious that these children have sn/disabilities and the fact that people would complain just makes me feel so and very

kid Thu 04-Aug-05 20:38:10

How awful that people can be like this. Not everyone in the world can be as perfect as these ignorant people that complain

Littlefish Thu 04-Aug-05 20:39:48

Some people are just plain ignorant .

Jimjams Thu 04-Aug-05 20:48:40

Were they old? I think the problem with the older generation is that disabled children were institutionalised so they just never saw it. I know they cannot comprehend my son at all as they never came across children like him.

Not an excuse - I'd poke anyone in the eye if they complain about ds1- but it does seem to be the older generation and I think its complete lack of exposure "ooh look there's another one Mavis" as the "nice" old lady said when I was out at a national trust property with ds1, my friend and her autistic dd. Probably more of "them" than they'd seen in their entire life.

Mind you that same trip my friend's dd sprinted off and started to climb a tree (she is fast). My friend was trying to get her down when a middle aged woman came along and had a go at her. My friend said "I'm really sorry, she's autistic I'm trying to get her down" and the woman said something like "I don't care what she is she's damaging the tree". So its not just the elderly. And its not like my friend was standing there letting her do it- obviously climbing a tree is unacceptable which is why she was getting her doown! grrr.

dizzy34 Fri 05-Aug-05 22:32:40

I had this happen to us last week. we took Harry to Cariba creek at alton towers. While we were in the pool you wouldnt believe the amount of parents who stood and stared at him, without blinking. i mean, for gods sake, he is a 2yr old baby and the only different thing about him that is visable is his gastrostomy tube and his micro ceaphly. At least the children who stared asked questions about him. it got to the point where i just wanted to say' this is my baby, he has special needs but he is my beautiful baby, now ** off'. Sorry to rant but im feeling a bit down.


Blossomhill Fri 05-Aug-05 22:35:51

Jimjams - 1 boy is 14 and the other is 8.
Honestly I do have less and less faith in the British public and can completely believe what was said to your friend.

dizzy - I know how you feel. It's as if we and our children don't have feelings

anniebear Sat 06-Aug-05 15:13:11

Oh thats so terrible Jimjams, pity the child didnt land on her as she got down!!!!!!!!

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