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The Tapestry Festival - camp for families of children with SEN

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Davros Sun 06-Jul-03 21:07:40

The Tapestry Festival - It's finally happening! A camp, specifically addressing the family whose child has special educational needs!

From September 3rd till September 10th 2003, a separate field has been booked, adjacent to the main camping site, with easy access to toilets, showers and sinks, on a farm near Romsey, on the edge of the New Forest.

Jimjams Sun 06-Jul-03 21:14:40

OMG- I am soooo tempted...... Thanks for this davros.

lou33 Sun 06-Jul-03 21:20:01

Is it a Home Ed site Davros? It just seems an odd time to have a festival, in the first week of the autumn term. Like the idea behind it though.

Davros Sun 06-Jul-03 23:15:13

lou33 - I've got NO idea, someone just sent it to me so I thought of all of you! Maybe there is a "contact us" link on the website, I have to admit that I haven't had a proper look at it yet. It is a strange time though and that would explain it.......

Jimjams Mon 07-Jul-03 08:11:04

probably is lou- most of these festivals tend to be HE groups. I suppose now the SN is the fastest growing sector of HE it'll be more common!

Oakmaiden Tue 08-Jul-03 14:06:43

It is being arranged by Home Edders, but is open to all. I know what you mean about the dates, though - not very well planned, methinks, from that point of view! However, you can book tickets for just a couple of days (and pop along at the weekend) - and i understand that there are some very interesting speakers coming.... (My info is a bit out of date though!)

lou33 Tue 08-Jul-03 14:45:23

Actually I'd quite like to go, but I have 2 at school full time, one about to start in september and I live miles away!!!

As it is an "alternative" event, should I wear knitted hair jumpers , pop socks , dangly earrings , and cut my hair very short ?

codswallop Tue 08-Jul-03 16:09:00

No make up too...?

lou33 Tue 08-Jul-03 18:35:57

Of course.

Oakmaiden Tue 08-Jul-03 19:59:30

*sigh* tut! Nothing like perpetuating those stereotypes is there?

Although I am sure there will be a few members of the wooly jumper brigade there. A lot of fairly normal looking people too, though.

lou33 Tue 08-Jul-03 21:44:49

Sorry Oakmaiden I just couldn't resist!

Jimjams Tue 08-Jul-03 21:51:51

If I go I'll probably be a bit wooly jumper. But I'm not HE.....yet.......

lou33 Tue 08-Jul-03 22:03:46

Talking of stereotypes, Oakmaiden are you as I picture you? Youthful with long flowing blonde hair, frolicking around the forest decorated by ribbons and flowers ?!

Oakmaiden Wed 09-Jul-03 13:49:32

I am in my heart - the body lets me down a bit, sadly

Oakmaiden Wed 09-Jul-03 13:51:47

Actually I went to a Home Ed Festival in Dorset a couple of months ago and bought the most fabulous chunky woolly jumper (in shades of purple and blue). I love it to bits, and am a bit upset by this hot weather because I can't wear it!

ForestFly Wed 09-Jul-03 13:58:23

What is the main camping site, what happens at the festival, and what is Home Ed Site. Sorry to act clueless but i want to become a traveller in a commune :0

ForestFly Wed 09-Jul-03 13:58:56

lou33 Wed 09-Jul-03 14:41:45

You need some dreadlocks then Forestfly

oliveoil Wed 09-Jul-03 14:53:59

and a multi coloured bag with mirrors on it

lou33 Wed 09-Jul-03 15:05:27

Preferably brought back from your year trekking around India/Burma/Nepal (delete as necessary). Oops I have one of those! Oh and don't forget the long faded skirt with mirrors at the bottom to match (don't have one of those).

Jimjams Wed 09-Jul-03 15:17:21

I've got a multi-coloured bag with mirrors on. And Totnes shoes

oliveoil Wed 09-Jul-03 15:20:35

We'll get booted off in a min, this is chat! Sorry for lowering the tone of your thread Davros

lou33 Wed 09-Jul-03 17:00:40

Lol @ Jimjams!

Davros Wed 09-Jul-03 23:54:21

Oliveoil - I don't mind my thread being corrupted in the interests of a laugh! Actually I'm a bit naive about the Home Ed scene and have recently shaved my armpits so won't be welcome anyway!

lou33 Thu 10-Jul-03 00:53:45

Ooh no Davros that won't do, grow them back and plait them asap!

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