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dd's nursery

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eidsvold Fri 04-Jul-03 08:03:31

we are starting makaton with dd and she is laughing when we do signs in talking with her. The manger at the nursery is hoping to send staff on training when it comes up and is very receptive to the staff learning and using makaton with dd. But it is up to me to photocopy the signs that we use for them to see.

Just a question - am I being a little picky in thinking for £15 they could have the two sign books I have and utilise it that way? I just think that there may be times when they can use signs that relate to what they are doing that I may not have covered.

hmb Fri 04-Jul-03 08:19:05

Is it a state run nursery in the UK Eidsvoid? If so they may not have the cash left to buy books. In the school that I work in (over 1300 pupils) we do not have enough money to buy books for the students who will be starting A levels this year in my subject. They have been asked to buy their own books, and we will have to se what we can do if people cannot afford them. We now have to charge if equipment is broken because there is no money to replace it. It is dreadful, and shouldn't be happening. I have to buy glue sticks, pencils, pens etc because we don't have the cash. And my ink cartrage bill and paper bills for my home computer are *so* high as I have to print things off at home for children to use.

On the other hand, if it is private, they may well have the cash.

Jimjams Fri 04-Jul-03 09:07:49

Depends on how SEN stuff is funded in your area. They may get some sort of funding (even in a provate nursery) to pay for SEN stuff in which case it could come out of that (especially if they will be using it on others). If it's a large chain nursery then the manager may have certain spending restrictions. Certainly I could guarantee that at ds1's nursery the manager would certianly pay for the books--which reminds me I still have her makaton dave nursery rhyme videos (have you see them they're great). However the manager is also the owner and has a particular interest in SEN.

Davros Fri 04-Jul-03 09:40:45

Have you thought of getting them a copy of the (famous) Dave Benson Phillips Makaton nursery rhymes video? I think you can get it on Amazon and SMiths used to have it. Its a way of getting them (staff) enjoying, practising and getting more fluent with Makaton while they're waiting for the training. The other kids would enjoy it too as well as your own daughter. I think Makaton has other instructional videos too, not sure as I haven't looked at their website recently. I would be tempted to get them copies of the books as a "gift" (end of term gift!?) but make sure to put a big, clear sticker on it saying that its for X Class or your child's name or donated by you or someting.

fio2 Fri 04-Jul-03 10:40:40

eidsvold have you been on the makaton website
they sent me a price list/catalogue through the post which has got little books to purchase and leaflets for fairly cheap.

eidsvold Fri 04-Jul-03 19:04:09

I have bought the pocket size sign books and the two add up to £15 with free postage that is why I wondered whether the nursery could afford to buy them. I printed the appropriate page of the site that lists what these books are and an order/postage form ( very cheeky I know). I thought I might bring it up when we go for settling in period.

She starts in September when I return to work. I figured they could also use the signs with other children who may have communication difficulties... so they would be just for the sole use of dd's room ( which ever one she is in).

I have heard about the nursery rhyme videos but not seen them. I am hoping to suggest to our local group that we purchase them as part of the library they are attempting to build up. Have looked at them for dd but haven't decided whether to use them or not. Have asked family in Aus to buy Wiggles videos for dd's birthday as they are very active with lots of actions and movements as well as brilliant songs. SHe loves the Wiggles cd's and laughs and smiles when I sing along.

fio2 Mon 21-Jul-03 08:15:49

Bought the Makaton video for dd last week and she loves it(you know the Dave Benson one) I have found it very helpful too. Thank you to everyone on here who suggested it

eidsvold Mon 21-Jul-03 10:24:57

oooohhh I think I will have to buy it then... It is funny but yesterday dd used other sounds we had not heard before - she is branching out from teh Dadadada and other various noises. Often when we speak to her or other poeple speak to her she is really concentrating on their mouths..,. interesting to see her do that. Not sure whether that will help with speech/language development.

eidsvold Mon 28-Jul-03 18:52:15

just wanted to let you know I spoke to nursery manager today about dd's settling in period and she told me one of the carers did Makaton as part of her college studies and just needs to be reminded ( she will also be checking out her info)

They also wanted to see the pocket books I had purchased so that they could look into that further.

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