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at my wits end

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jenk1 Mon 01-Aug-05 11:08:58

dont know what to do about this. My son has AS and daughter has allergies eczema etc, the man who lives at the back of us has a motorbike which he leaves running sometimes up to 20mins a time, he revvs his engine which sends exhaust fumes into my house which as u will all be aware causes havoc with kids asthma,eczema etc and my son cant stand the noise or smell which really stresses him out, we have had the police to him,his housing association but he is denying it all, i mean for goodness sake the man has 2 small children himself you,d think he would understand-im talking past eleven pm at night and anything from 5am onwards is when he turns his bike on, he says that its only us thats bothered and no one else complains with children -week YEH our kids have special needs, police and housing association say cant do anything as it is our word against his, none of the other neighbours want to get involved. To make matters worse he has now taken to driving down our street extremely fast, this morning he drove so close to our car he set the car alarm off. Dont know what to do anymore, ive tried talking to him he told me to F off,sorry about the long message had to get this off my chest

JOSIE3 Mon 01-Aug-05 11:13:12

The man sounds like a complete d**k!!

jenk1 Mon 01-Aug-05 11:15:28

he is- all i can think is hes obsessed with his motorbike,he sits on it and rocks back and forth and the other day i saw his washung it in the RAIN!

jenk1 Mon 01-Aug-05 12:45:19

just had a phone call from environmental health-they will take it on as a noise issue,dont know what they will do though,anyone any experience with this sort of thing?

Mum2girls Mon 01-Aug-05 12:48:58

This sounds truly awful. I have no experience, but in your position would keeping a diary of when and for how long he keeps his bike running and of any instances where he drives too fast in your street.

Hope you get it resolved soon.

jenk1 Mon 01-Aug-05 12:50:27

thanks for your reply, i have filled 2 northern counties nuisance dairies already so have tried that one

oops Mon 01-Aug-05 13:02:25

Message withdrawn

Fio2 Mon 01-Aug-05 17:06:07

envromental health monitor the noise levels to see whether it is an 'issue', then they will warn him 9if they think it is an issue) and he will be continued to be montored

jenk1 Mon 01-Aug-05 17:22:30

i have just found out that my northern counties housing officer is very freindly with the mans wife, he told me that he cant get hold of the man but that his wife is on a course at the housing office, makes me think has he been telling her what me and dh have been complaining about and is this why nothing has been done?

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