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need to procrastinate today? make up your own SN limerick

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lingle Fri 30-Apr-10 10:18:31

"there once was a boy with propensities,
for problems linguistic and sensory
they said "hmm, autistic?"
his mum went ballistic
and brainstormed on mumsnet intensively

by lingle aged 39 and a half.

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 30-Apr-10 15:55:43

Message withdrawn

lingle Fri 30-Apr-10 16:08:36

that one should be from Silverfrog judging by her recent posts!

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 30-Apr-10 16:20:10

Message withdrawn

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 30-Apr-10 16:31:50

Message withdrawn

MrsYamada Fri 30-Apr-10 16:48:55

There once was a school in the west
That liked to make out it was best
But although it excelled
My son got expelled
Because he didn't fit like the rest.

(I tried to fit in a line about the head being a tit so I meet need a second verse)

MrsYamada Fri 30-Apr-10 16:49:49

might need

BriocheDoree Fri 30-Apr-10 17:48:25

There was a wee girlie in France
Who at schooltime just wanted to dance
And yet in her school
To sit is the rule
So really she hasn't a chance!

By Brio aged 36 and a few weeks.

lingle Fri 30-Apr-10 17:49:37

it is definitely crying out for verse 2. A fine example of the genre, I feel.

5inthebed Fri 30-Apr-10 17:51:47

These are fab!

I'll think about my own later, but am just going out, so will add later.

meltedmarsbars Fri 30-Apr-10 18:08:47


Just what I need for the weekend - will attempt after a bit of thought!

MrsYamada Fri 30-Apr-10 18:21:43

Good one Brioche!

lingle Fri 30-Apr-10 18:25:47

There was a young lady who knew
That her little boy needed the loo
but the dryers were frightening
his fears they were heightening
So how could the poor wee lad poo?

silverfrog Fri 30-Apr-10 18:33:05

these are brilliant.

sadly, I am hopeless at limericks (dh is a whizz though, so might set him free on it later!)

lingle Fri 30-Apr-10 18:50:01

"The Hearing Test" by lingle

I'm sure audiologists are bright
But why do they think it is right
to make complex demands
my son can't understand
then complain when he leaves in a fright?

Macforme Fri 30-Apr-10 18:54:00

They said 'it's just global delay,
His problems will soon go away!'
But 13 years later,
I'm such a doc hater,
For the lies that they told me that day.

MrsYamada Fri 30-Apr-10 19:04:38

A lovely young boy was autistic
His folks just weren't realistic
They expected assistance
but met with resisitance
And found he was just a statistic

MrsYamada Fri 30-Apr-10 19:05:13

This is strangely theraputic!

SanctiMoanyArse Fri 30-Apr-10 19:11:47

Two children in Wales were well known
For the things they had broken and thrown
Their Mum tried her best
But with with barely a rest
Found her humour had given way to a moan

A paediatrician in Gwent
To this poster had regularly lent
a diagnostic notebook
And a positive outlook
So much so that she soon did charge rent

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 30-Apr-10 19:17:42

Message withdrawn

SanctiMoanyArse Fri 30-Apr-10 19:24:48

You'd think that we might just get repsite
If we put up enought of a fight
But the social workers ignored us
Shook their heads and abhored us
And said that their funds were just too tight

The department of work and of pensions
I speak to with sheer apprehension
I know what i'm entitled to
But it seems in their view
that is a matter of some contention

SanctiMoanyArse Fri 30-Apr-10 19:25:42

seems that in their view


StarlightMcKenzie Fri 30-Apr-10 19:28:19

Message withdrawn

SanctiMoanyArse Fri 30-Apr-10 19:35:55

A mother who was prone oft to whine
developed a liking for wine*
by the glass it was downed
as her sorrows were drowned
And her children all tied up with twine

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 30-Apr-10 19:37:01

Message withdrawn

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