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a thread for all the mums of children with SN due to start school in September...

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geekgrrl Sun 31-Jul-05 09:05:06

Who else is out there?

My dd2 will be starting mainstream reception with full-time TA. I'm feeling so nervous here. I've not met her future TA, the school is due to have a Makaton course a week after the start of term (and dd doesn't speak much and not very clearly, so how on earth they will communicate with her until then I do not know!).

She's had a few 'settling-in' afternoons and they went really well so I'm trying not to worry.

Also had such a difficult time buying school uniform for her - she's the size of an ordinary 2 year old, has poor fine-motor skills but is fiercely independent, so needs something that fits and is as easy to pull up/down as tracksuit bottoms. I think I went into every single shop in town that sells children's clothes before finding something reasonably suitable.

anniebear Sun 31-Jul-05 10:28:13

My twin girls (nearly 4) are starting full time schol.

Am dreading it, one is going to mainstream and the other a SN School, although she is going to do a session at MS with a helper and see how it goes.

Also struggled with the uniform slightly as one is slim and all the skirts fell down!!!!

Caroline5 Sun 31-Jul-05 22:11:54

dd2 will be going into reception at her special school in September, gradually building up to full time. She will be the only one in her year. She hasn't got a statement yet !

As she has been going there for the last 2 years, nothing much will change, same teachers, same classmates plus a couple of new older ones. Hopefully all will continue to go OK, it's a lovely school.

She is also tiny for her age, her teacher has told me there's no need for her to wear uniform yet (it's very relaxed!)

Fio2 Sun 31-Jul-05 23:44:49

sorry mine is going up to class 1! she was 'supoosed' to stay in recpetion for two years and she is going up she doesnt wer a uniform either!

jenkins88 Mon 01-Aug-05 10:35:31

Hope I'm not gatecrashing.

DS will be starting nursery in September. He was supposed to be starting in April but I postponed it because I didn't think he was ready. I'm dreading having loads of kids his age to compare him to everyday.

coppertop Mon 01-Aug-05 10:40:12

Ds2 will be starting pre-school in September and I think I'm probably as nervous about that as I was about ds1 starting Reception last year. Eeek!

One of my big worries is that the staff may think he's okay because he's much more sociable than ds1 was at the same age. He's very different to ds1 but IMHO he's also more difficult to deal with.

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