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eidsvold Sat 30-Jul-05 23:55:02

I just saw you had mentioned on another thread your morning sickness..

Congratulations... I must have missed the earlier post.....

Socci Sat 30-Jul-05 23:59:44

Message withdrawn

Blossomhill Sun 31-Jul-05 00:01:55


So happy to hear your good news Coppertop xxx

chonky Sun 31-Jul-05 10:19:30

Great news Coppertop - congratulations!!

anniebear Sun 31-Jul-05 10:21:28


Love and hugs xxxxxxx

coppertop Sun 31-Jul-05 10:23:20


It's still early days but no.3 should hopefully be here in March - so by this time next year I shall probably be posting away on whether no.3's obsession with washing machines spinning is normal.

Fio2 Sun 31-Jul-05 10:24:24

awwwwwwww congratulations!

Jimjams Sun 31-Jul-05 10:54:30

Me too

Merlot Sun 31-Jul-05 11:10:17

Oh wow - congrats Coppertop!

dottee Sun 31-Jul-05 11:27:12


KarenThirl Sun 31-Jul-05 12:26:00

Congratulations to you CT. Hope all goes well for you.

Davros Sun 31-Jul-05 13:01:35

OMG!!! You naughty CT, not coming here to tell us first. Such good news, I'm so excited, would you like me to laminate anything for baby? (can't knit )

WigWamBam Sun 31-Jul-05 13:02:34

Oh wow, Coppertop!

Huge, huge huge congratulations

dinosaur Sun 31-Jul-05 13:06:52

Congrats Coppertop! Three is fab!

Davros Sun 31-Jul-05 13:35:22

[[[[hugs]]]] mwaahh, mwaahh, kissy, kissy

coppertop Sun 31-Jul-05 13:38:44

If it weren't for the post on the laminator thread I'd be sure that someone had hacked into Davros' password. Who is this hugging and kissing imposter?

I wonder if baby clothes would fit into a laminator. I quite like the idea of a wipe-clean child.

Davros Sun 31-Jul-05 15:15:33

A few days off MN has gone to my head!

louismama Sun 31-Jul-05 19:27:58

Heartfelt congrats CT !!!!!!!!!!!!

maddiemo Sun 31-Jul-05 20:28:09

Congratulations CT.

Caroline5 Sun 31-Jul-05 22:14:17

Congratulations CT!

heartinthecountry Mon 01-Aug-05 10:01:06

hey big congrats CT .

coppertop Mon 01-Aug-05 10:11:31

I'll be blubbing in a minute. Those pesky hormones.

jenkins88 Mon 01-Aug-05 10:20:19

CT - Congatulations to you and your DH

aloha Mon 01-Aug-05 10:24:52

Congratulations! How wonderful - a spring baby. Perfect!

beccaboo Mon 01-Aug-05 10:45:28

Congratulations CT, that's fantastic

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