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Development delay as well as sli

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Kurly Thu 29-Apr-10 12:20:08

Went to pead yesterday and she has confirmed what we were thinking that ds has development delay as well as lang delay. She didn't give a dx or indication of delay instead she is sending him to a child development nursery for a term where he will be assessed ect..but there is 3 month waiting list!!

Has anyone else had experience of this? Also am I right in thinking that this is not going to go away and he is always going to have special needs?

Any advice welcome or places I can go for more information!!

roundthebend4 Thu 29-Apr-10 13:08:26

Hi I have ds who was dx with global devlopmrntal delay and sli at 2.6. He is now 4.9

We went to ican and after 2 days there they said on non verbal testing he dhows no gdd or asd but more being his expressive and receptive language disorder which affected everything learning and socially as well as it was his other pd affecting him

yet thecentre missed all this as did the paed and the preschool he attended

roundthebend4 Thu 29-Apr-10 13:10:54

My ds will always have Sn but it's no where near as black as they painted it

Kurly Thu 29-Apr-10 15:18:26

Paed was honest with us but not in negative way gave us lots of positives as well. We have been lucky as so far all professionals and appointments have been good.

Just thinking of future for all of us have two other children as well who do not have any special needs (just the 100s of usual ones!). And am wondering if we need to prepare for long term or if some delays do level out.

MumofOscar Thu 29-Apr-10 15:31:51

How old is your DS Kurly? My DS had a dx of developmental delay from about 12 - 18 months. He is now 5 1/2 and has a dx of moderate learning difficulties.
The term developmental delay does imply that the child will catch-up (and i believed this for a long time) but the truth is many don't.

MumofOscar Thu 29-Apr-10 15:38:05

Sorry that was a bit blunt maybe.

Personally I never say never. You don't know what the future will bring but equally you have to be realistic. My life became a lot easier when i learnt that.

I think Einstein didn't start talking till he was 5 so some delays do obviously level out! grin

Kurly Thu 29-Apr-10 16:56:00

Not blunt at all mumofoscar just kind of info I am looking for. Did your DS go to special nursery? They call it a child development centre here?

DS is 34months but has made little progress since 2ish. also have dd who is 17months and she is rapidly catching him up so delay is becoming more obvious.

I know that no-one can see into the future but feel that docs these days are so unwilling to commit that they leave you feeling abit lost if that makes sense.

MumofOscar Fri 30-Apr-10 08:16:40

Sorry for the delay in replying smile

My DS didn't go to a special nursery although we did choose a day nursery as opposed to one attached to a school as the staff were more able to deal with DS IYSWIM. They did apply and receive extra funding for him there anyway.

I know exactly what you mean about docs being unwilling to commit. I used to feel like we were just drifting from one appointment to the next with no real direction as no-one gave a solid answer. We were told by HV once that it is very difficult to know when children are young and that sometimes you need to wait to see what develops before getting a dx IYSWIM. 34 months is still very young. We only got our dx when DS started school and even then its still a vague dx.

I assume you're not in England? I don't know where you are but do you have speech and language therapy? Or portage?

Kurly Fri 30-Apr-10 13:21:08

We are in England, he has speech therapist and we are being referred to specialist play which I am assuming is portage.

From what I understand all the various professionals attend the nursery to work with children and assess them so I am hoping that will help us understand his problems more.

How does your son manage at school is he happy? We will have to select a school at the end of this year so would really like to get a better idea of ds needs so we can take that into account.

Thanks for taking the time to reply

MumofOscar Tue 04-May-10 08:28:00

Sorry again for the delay! Hectic weekend! grin

Is it the specialist play which has 3 month waiting list or is that something else? Regardless it sounds like your DS is (or will be) getting all he needs for now at least. The nursery sounds the same as my DS special school where the professionals see children there. DS now sees speech therapy on a weekly basis which has been amazing for him and he is really making progress now.

He loves school abd is really happy there. There are only four children in his class so the teachers can really spend time with the children, and he is thriving as a result. I don't think he would have coped well at all in a MS school and really glad we chose the special school.


troublewithtalk Tue 04-May-10 08:58:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lotstoshare Fri 28-Sep-12 02:57:58

I agree. Never say never but DD doesn't always go away. In fact when my boy started school everyone was more doom and gloom than I was. Having another son with Aspergers who is totally different and because my younger son is not socially impaired in any way I could not see a problem. People love his happy nature and he gets on with others very well - old or young. However I am now telling him that it doesn't matter how well he is liked in the end he is expected to put in 100%. For him this will be a struggle as he is so behind, so slow, so forgetful, so disorganised. He has been told he is in the lower part of average intelligence but that this should not hold him back. He wants to succeed and be like everyone else. We treat him no different than the other children but I am worried. He has had problems since birth.

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