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Do you get a discount on council tax if you get carers allowance?

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Blossomhill Sat 30-Jul-05 19:35:51

Just wondered if you can?

fairydust Sat 30-Jul-05 19:48:31


Blossomhill Sat 30-Jul-05 19:49:40

I read somewhere you could?

Socci Sat 30-Jul-05 19:51:36

Message withdrawn

fairydust Sat 30-Jul-05 19:52:07

i phoned and asked and they said no - but different councils may offer different services.

onlyjoking9329 Sat 30-Jul-05 20:02:48

only if you use a room for equipment/therapy in my area anyway

Jimjams Sat 30-Jul-05 20:14:06

As others have said - if one room is used- we get it, but I think we are going to stop ABA so won't anymore.

heartinthecountry Sat 30-Jul-05 20:48:41

i think the room has to be solely used for therapy - so can't double up as a bedroom or living room. But might be wrong.

Fio2 Sat 30-Jul-05 20:50:43

we had an obscure letter that i dont understand but it said, if one person over 18 or over gets carers allownace aND ANOTHER GETS dla HIGHER RRATE, IF i COULKD DISREGARD MY nIGEL THEN I WOULD GET 25% DISCOUNT


oops about that writing!

Jimjams Sat 30-Jul-05 20:55:40

you're right HITC- we had an inspector come out to check the room.

Fio2 Sat 30-Jul-05 21:01:55

sorry the letter said if i disregarded Nigel I would 25 % discount

is that an incentive?

Fio2 Sat 30-Jul-05 21:02:36


mulsey Sat 30-Jul-05 22:15:39

we live in scotland, and because my daughter has a wheelchair we have recently had our council tax band down graded - hope that helps.

Davros Sun 31-Jul-05 13:29:21

I think there's two types of council tax discount. The one where a room in your house is adapted for the disabled person and for their SOLE use (we get that atm, haven't told them its no longer the case ) and there's something called something like Disabled Discount. I think they're different anyway.... I saw some info on the second one in a newsletter. Carers UK would be able to tell you.
Jimjams, will you tell them when you stop doing ABA and using the room for that? I reckon I could make a case for the room being for teaching materials, files etc and it has to be locked at the moment, but its not the same as when they awarded the discount......

Fio2 Sun 31-Jul-05 15:00:06

i am still giglling about being told to disregard my husband in return for a 25% discount

Davros Sun 31-Jul-05 15:16:03

Heh heh, good advice fio

Jimjams Sun 31-Jul-05 15:31:14

I probably will Davros- I need to decide soon as we finished yesterday I may try and find someone else so I won't tell them yet- I don't feel guilty about it as it still has all the sensory stuff cluttering it up, and the files and anyway it took them ages to give us a discount so I fugure they owe us time iyswim.

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