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Our very first OT session!!

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Dingle Thu 28-Jul-05 15:34:59

I am feeling very emotional and mixed up. WE had Amelia's first OT session today, well in fact it should have been a full OT assessment, but that never materialised!

I spent the whole session talking to the OT, explaining some of the issues I deal with. It was great to have someone to talk with who was interested in the "whole picture" IYSWIM.

She was annoyed that we had not been offered any OT before, and has said that she wants to put Amelia on her priority list of children she wants to see on a regular basis!!! I am of course, over the moon with this. The fact that someone has listened and identified how Amelia's development is being delayed further by behavioural issues that no-one seems interested in!! I sit down and try to do a SALT session, or a cognitive exercise with her, and her stubborness, lack of concentration...what ever it is...just gets in the way and we achieve very little.

I felt relieved in one way, happy that we at least have a chance of further OT sessions but then she mentioned about Amelia seeing a behavioural physcologist!!! She really feels that by addressing her behaviour, her concentration and development would improve. She even suggested that it might be worth stopping the private SALT and paying privately for a physcologist!!

I feel happy in general about the session and it's outcomes, but I really feel I have let Amelia down with this behavour business!!

Sorry for all the waffle but has anyone got any info on behavioural physcologists?[scared,worried emoticon]

heartinthecountry Thu 28-Jul-05 22:34:17

Dingle - don't feel bad for one minute. All of us are trying to do our best with often very little real guidance. How are you supposed to know how to deal with behavioural stuff? Just because we are parents who love our kids doesn't make us trained therapists.

No advice really on behavioural psychologists - sorry. But I imagine they would come up with techniques for dealing with certain behaviours - bit like Tanya Byron maybe???? (not sure if that is good or bad )

coppertop Thu 28-Jul-05 22:41:42

I agree with HITC. There's only so much that parents can do without professional advice and practical help.

Another one here with no idea about BPs but I'm so glad you were finally listened to.

Dingle Sat 30-Jul-05 16:04:17

Thank you, I'll put it on my list of things to discuss at her team around the child meeting on Monday and see how it goes.

Fio2 Sat 30-Jul-05 16:07:19

she ight not mean her behaviour is BAd as such, just that she can train her way of thinking to do thingd differently iykwim

anyway i agree with HITC

Dingle Sat 30-Jul-05 16:16:08

Well, the session didn't actually start very well! We had to coax her out of the waiting room as she wanted to play with the toys. Then she tried to "calm" her by laying her on one of those large balls and rocking her. Poor little Amelai wasn't having any of it, with every rock, Amelia cried out "no ball, no ball!" She eventually got her own way and explored the room, laid across the swivel chair and rocked herself while I talked to the OT! She is very strong willed!Wants to do her own thing, when she wants to.

She isn't always like that, but she is very unpredictable. How much of that is down to her disability, how much of it is "just" Amelia, and how much is toddler tantrums...who knows!

Fio2 Sat 30-Jul-05 16:18:17

Personally, having met her (!), i think she is just being herself, and she is a gorgeous little madam-thankfully

Dingle Sat 30-Jul-05 16:19:47

"little madam!" descibes her down to a tee!

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