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SALT provision in statement - would appreciate thoughts

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heartinthecountry Wed 27-Jul-05 19:31:17

Hiya - have had a copy of dd's final statement through today and though they have put SALT in part 3 this is what it says:

XX requires a termly Speech and Language Therapy programme with regular monitoring and updates during the term. Her needs will be formally reviewed by the SLT service on a termly basis, to include assessment and liaison with teaching staff and may include direct Speech and Language Therapy Sessions. Reviews will include modelling/demonstration to Learning Support Assistant/Teaching Staff.

plus some other bits and pieces about staff needing to use Makaton.

I still don't feel this is really adequate. Nothing in there says anything about her seeing an actual SALT. And 'regualar monitoring and updating' is nicely vague.

What do you think? As good as I am going to get? Am I being realistic to want them to specify more? dd is going to be at a SN nursery initially so I am sure the staff will be doing SALT with her but I do feel that she really needs specialist intervention.

She is 2.10 and has about 3 words that sound vaguely like they should. Can do about 30 signs and has slightly better receptive understanding. In short - severely delayed.

Would particularly appreciate your thoughts mizmiz if you are out there....

mizmiz Wed 27-Jul-05 21:35:32

Oh my,heartinthecountry....if anyone knew who I was in RL I would get such a slating but I will be honest with you.

The reason it seems vague is because it is-classic SALT provision 'speak'. Impossible to qualify or quantify and the salt who wrote it knows it.

I would hasten to add that this is not because the salt would be unwilling to help your dd.More to do with the fact that she probably has a caseload of about 80 (maybe more?) and unless she is this vague,she will be making promises she simply cannot keep given the current shortage of salts.

I know it isn't ideal but a private honest and non aggressive chat may help. Tell her you know that it is impossible to give the support needed but that you would appreciate recommendations of what to read/courses to attend/websites to peruse and so on.

Probably not what you want to hear,I'm sure.

mizmiz Wed 27-Jul-05 21:37:20

On the plus side the fact that they have a statement up and running at this very early age suggests a very on the ball attitude to early intervention!

heartinthecountry Wed 27-Jul-05 21:45:08

thanks mizmiz - I appreciate the SALTs hands are tied to a certain extent. I am sure they are all told NOT to quantify anything because they won't be able to deliver it.

But - the LEA is supposed to set out what educational provision my dd needs not what they can provide.

You are right though - at least they are sorting out her statement now.

mizmiz Wed 27-Jul-05 21:47:19

Well,once they state what she needs,they then legally have to provide-hence the fudging unfortunately.

heartinthecountry Wed 27-Jul-05 22:06:41

absolutely! which is why it is ridiculous that the same authority that provides the provision specifies the provision. ...

anyway - thanks for your thoughts.

heartinthecountry Wed 27-Jul-05 22:07:30

Sorry - that last bit sounded dismissive - wasn't meant to .

mizmiz Wed 27-Jul-05 23:29:40

No,didn't sound dismissive. I copletely understand your frustration. Fwiw,most of us feel that we are unable to provide a proper service due to supply and demand issues. Salts also get defensive when people bocome (understandably) frustrated with thm,which is why I advocate the approach I mentioned earlier.

I have a daughter with comm. difficulties myself and what is presently on offer for her isn't good enough either.

Davros Thu 28-Jul-05 09:38:40

I would write to the LEA, giving your views on the statement, and say exactly what you've said here about SLT. They are supposed to be specific and quantify as far as I know according to some guidelines or other.

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