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Not SN - but soooo excited.....

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eidsvold Mon 25-Jul-05 03:57:14

Just got an email to say friends of ours are making a trip to Aus and we will be able to catch up with them in 2 weeks. The dad of the family was a work colleague of mine and was such a support in a really crappy work environment as well as their whole family were so supportive of all of us through the tough time we had with dd1 when she was first born. They adore dd1 and of course have yet to see dd2. So excited - can't wait to see them!!!

Davros Mon 25-Jul-05 07:21:31

What great news Eidsvold. I must be the first SN MNer up over here, or the first able to get to the laptop!! I meant to post, I was getting mixed up between Hanen and Handle..... Hope its still going well. Maybe that nanny can babysit while you go out with your friends?

Fio2 Mon 25-Jul-05 07:23:54

how lovely from another'awake' person

coppertop Mon 25-Jul-05 07:26:09

Hurray for good news!

I'm awake too (sort of) so ner-ner-ner-ner-ner!

eidsvold Mon 25-Jul-05 11:57:33

well i was up earlier than any of you

no - have to be a family thing when we visit our friends - can't imagine they would let us get away with them not seeing the girls - BUT should the price be right - we might use the nanny again.

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