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Help! Assessment for funds in one hour!

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PeachyClair Sun 24-Jul-05 10:08:15

Just ahd a telephone call, the chap from DH'd industrial thingamajig is coming to assess for possible support (to go to BIBIC) in one hour! No warning or anything!

Sam is typically 'on one' today, I'm a mess asa was feeding rabbit in the pouring rain and planning a bath before the kid party I have to take DS2 to this PM, and there's papery bits over the floor as I was completing a card order.

Anyone know of a site (I've done the NAS one) where I can print off Aspergers info to back up our application please?

PAnic panic panic

off to get the vaccum out

Why on a Sunday morning at no notice with a kid who can't do no notice?

coppertop Sun 24-Jul-05 10:14:13

Look at it another way. If they turned up and you had a perfectly clean and tidy house with a wonderfully well-behaved child they'd be less likely to think you needed the help. (She types, looking round at the chaos in her own house )

I can't think of any particular places to print stuff off but will have a quick think. Good luck!

PeachyClair Sun 24-Jul-05 10:32:20

Good point. debating whether to give Sam some ornage squash to um, encourage his behaviour!

colditz Sun 24-Jul-05 10:35:47

They are assessing your ds, right?

So better that they see his normal reactin to a situation, so they realise what you have to do. Coppertop is right, if the house is pristine and the child is distracted, they won't see your normal life.

And if I were you, yes I would give him some orange!

PeachyClair Sun 24-Jul-05 11:54:42

He's been, and right on form Sam kicked off, both with the hyperactive like behaviour and the Dr Who obsession (would you like to come in my tardis? can I build you a tardis? Did you know I can make a tardis from lego and paper and toy piles?).

It was us they were assessing really, as it is for a grant: Sam was diagnosed (ineffectually) months back. They have only dealt with retired people up to now, but he THINKS as it is for a child we might get the money for our first assessment (3 days!). No guarantees until it goes to panel in September though, so we shall have to see.

He will definitely be recommending us though, which is a positive.

macwoozy Sun 24-Jul-05 12:01:21

Great result. I would have been in a total panic, although fortunatly my ds hates visitors, and plays up nicely, can be handy sometimes!
Now you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the Sunday.

PeachyClair Sun 24-Jul-05 12:06:02

DS played up something chronic, but i think that helped (I felt very guilty pointing to the scarring on ds3's eye to emphasize Sam's behaviour issues, but I felt it needed to be done if we are going to get anywhere!)

Enjoy Sunday? Hmm. Ds2 has a party at 2, the rabbit lodger has yet to be cleaned out (peeing it down out there) and DH is back in work for 8.

Monday we have to go see childminder, Tuesday- as long as I weigh in OK at WeightWatchers, Tuesday will be good! We just don't operate mon- Sun here!

PeachyClair Sun 24-Jul-05 12:06:14

coppertop Sun 24-Jul-05 12:34:18

Hurray! I'm glad it went well.

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