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DS has finished primary school

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BattyBox Fri 22-Jul-05 21:40:57

i know this is a wonderful day but like most mums who's youngest has left their primary school, i am feelinga bit delicate.
the funny thing is i am also really pleased for him - it is like atime to let go of the past for me.
this is quite hard. i used to be a TA in ds school. i left there whends was in year 3d and went to college. after two years study i got a job in a senior school. two terms into my new job, dh and i found out that ds was being physically bullied on his way to school.
i remember that day as though it was yesterday.the child that was abusing my son was a pupil i was supporting in the senior school.
MrsF was great. she was a support to me although she wouldn't say so. the bullying went on for about a term before we realised the bruises were not from where he was knocking himself in bed.
ds used to hide in his cupboard and not do as asked at school and no one at school supported us or him. his sister became quiet.
we ended up moving him from the school and taking him elsewhere so that he did not have to walk the journey past where he was hit every day. the old school (as it is referred to in our house) didn't support ds his writing and agression. they kept telling him he was not trying hard enough. he never had a good word written in his books. he was put on School Action and then School Action + without me knowing. they constantly told hom he was naughty and didnot try hard enough.
his new primary school were excellent to him and with him. his head teacher knew of his trauma andwas suportive. they helped with his writing and spelling but it is still only at a year 2-3 stage. his english though is way up his SAT level is 4-5. the school though would not say he had specific needs. he was moved from IEP to IBP as he tried to cope withwhat had happened to him at his first school. he has been excluded for his behaviour and still gets really frustated at the teachers when he can't do exactly what they ask of him. he has had a councillor and the school were really supportive with this.
even though i know what is likely to happen with him insenior school i am still scared. he is coming to the school where i work and i have every confidence in them. BUT it is hard to say GOODBYE to the past and accept that my little boy will still need help and may get statemented(which is what i have been fighting for since year 3) - i hope it all works out forhim!!!
a company were supposed to ring dh about an offer of ajob today but they have notrung.

coppertop Fri 22-Jul-05 22:13:19

This is exactly the right place to come to moan.

I'm so sorry that your ds had to go through so much. It's awful the way some schools can let children down when they need the help most. I'm glad MrsF was there for you.

Hopefully ds will get the help he needs at his new school in September. I also hope that company you're waiting to hear from about the job hurries up and phones!

BattyBox Fri 22-Jul-05 22:16:14

CT i feel so low. i only seem to come here to moan.

coppertop Fri 22-Jul-05 22:32:20

That's okay (about moaning, I mean!). It sometimes really helps to write/type it on here. If we can't help with the actual problem we can at least try to cheer you up a little bit.

Davros Sat 23-Jul-05 11:09:10

Yes, don't worry about whether you're moaning or not BB. What you're moaning ABOUT is far more important iyswim. You've had a big day emotionally. Hope the job comes through, the summer is good and school goes well

BattyBox Tue 26-Jul-05 19:44:46

thanks guys

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