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Language delay/disorder

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maddiemo Fri 22-Jul-05 10:14:32

DS4(3.9) had his language review yesterday.

The SALT was very good and has said that we couldn't really call his language problems delay as he has an uneven profile. His expressive langauge is ok, very chatty but not conversational. His receptive language is almost at a three word level but he has gaps at the two word level.

She said he is very good at masking his problems and relies on routine instructions and memory and generally being perky to get by. She believes he has processing difficulties.
He has lots of autistic traits but I do not believe he is on the spectrum.

I don't really know where to go next. We have been on the waiting list for 1/1 at nursery for a year and I have asked for this to be chased up but suspect he will not get it as there will be so many children with greater need.

We were offered a language disorder school placement for a term but I turned it down as the other children in his class had more severe needs and I did not feel it was the right place for him.
Everyone involved agreed he was borderline for the class.
My cdc feel that they need an overview of his needs prior to school but the only way to do this is through the language disorder class.

I feel at a bit of a loss, am finding it quite hard going at the moment. The SALT did not actually say disorder as I interrupted her and said "He's quite complicated". I just feel that disorder seems so final compared to delay and am not sure that I feel ready to deal with it.

I have been along this path with autistic ds3 who has pretty high support needs, if anything I am more concerned. Ds3 had to be statmented, my LEA could not have ignored his level of need however ds4 problems are so much more subtle that in many ways he could be left to it.


Davros Fri 22-Jul-05 10:24:20

Poor you Maddie Do you think a term in the lang disorder class might be worth it? Its not forever and it would give the opportunity to properly assess and prob help if you do need to statement. What else can you do? What about asking for 1:1 support in nursery for a term as an alternative to the lang disorder class? I don't know what else to suggest. CT is the person to talk to as she has two DSs on the spectrum but very different....

jenkins88 Sat 23-Jul-05 05:12:00

I really feel for you Maddie. DS is 3.6 yr's and also has problems with speech/language. I'm terrified that DS will be diagnosed with a 'disorder' as well.

Hope you find a solution for his educational needs, and that things start to look a bit brighter for you.

Blossomhill Sat 23-Jul-05 11:55:09

Poor you Maddiemo

The SALT mentioned a disorder when she saw dd at 2 and the it was finally officially diagnosed at about 4.
Dd's SALT in the unit explained lately why dd had a disorder and not delay. Her language profile is patchy and in some areas such as receptive and expressive language she is age appropritae, lingustics are delayed as are pragmatics. Dd has a friend who is delayed and the difference between the 2 is that he is delayed across the board about 2-3 years in each section. You can really tell the difference as he just speaks like a child that is younger but with dd when she talks it doesn't always sound right, iykwim

I know how you feel about the term disorder as it is very scary. However since having that dx and dd being in the unit the progress she has made has been unbelievable. As you know dd does not have an asd dx (despite being seen by every pro going!). I do no longer feel scared anymore as it is the right dx and the right help is being given.

I really hope you find out one way or the other soon.

coppertop Sat 23-Jul-05 12:03:33

Maddie. I know what you mean about worrying more when the needs are more subtle. Ds1 had very obvious needs and so I felt far more confident that he would get the help he needed. Ds2's needs are so subtle that people with no real experience or expertise think he is absolutely fine. I worry more about ds2 than ds1.

I'm so sorry that you've had this news.

maddiemo Sun 24-Jul-05 10:00:14

Thanks for support everyone

Davros I know that maybe I should go with the language class but it sits so firmly in the pocket of the LEA that I do not feel that they will have the best interests of the children at heart, merely the cheapest.

Jenkins tahnks very much, hope all goes well for your little one and that he gets the support he needs.

Bh I think it does sound like a disorder, his expressive speech is way ahead of receptive although not conversational. He also is very uneven gaps at two word level of understanding but sound at some three word levels. He is also bright at colours, numbers etc which I don't think would be right if he was delayed.

CT I think you have hit the nail on the head. Ds4's problems do seem so subtle, I didn't really feel the SALT at the language group thought he had problems whereas the SALT he saw the other day could see his needs at once.

Feeling more positive today and ready for batttle

Thanks again.

Socci Sun 24-Jul-05 10:12:19

Message withdrawn

Davros Sun 24-Jul-05 11:21:42

I hope you can come up with something you're happy with and will give him a good experience and enable you to assess. See what you mean about the LEA provision
You say his expressive is ahead of his receptive. Do you feel he really understands what he expresses and that it is functional?

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