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Genetic testing for autism?

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beccaboo Thu 21-Jul-05 23:53:11

There's a feature on the bbc website about new research into the genetics of autism. As usual, sorry for being such a doughnut about inserting links:

PS: would be very grateful if someone could tell me how to do this. have tried the mumsnet instructions on right hand side but they don't seem to do the trick

Socci Fri 22-Jul-05 00:00:22

Message withdrawn

Jimjams Fri 22-Jul-05 00:09:28

wouldn't the CHAT be cheaper (and give the same result- identify children at 18 months). Wish someone would actually give early intervention rather than keep developing tests which tell us which kids are at risk- but are never used and still no early intervention is given.

beccaboo Fri 22-Jul-05 00:18:13

Thanks Socci

It's not very joined up thinking is it? The genetics specialists quoted in the feature probably do believe that an early test would mean early intervention, but as there's not enough to go round as it is.....

I don't understand the NAS' quote: "If the genes responsible could be identified the possibility of new types of treatment and preventing the more severe manifestations of the disorder becomes stronger."

How would it prevent the more severe manifestations?

Jimjams Fri 22-Jul-05 00:20:34

termination???? Sorry its late- and if that is the end result I'm glad I'm done with childbearing!

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