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What planet are ENT on?????

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Blossomhill Thu 21-Jul-05 19:04:59

Took dd to ENT today to have her vocal chords checked (as advised by Bibic as she has a really gravelly voice). Anyway the consultant asked the nurse to get some numbing spray as he wanted to put a tube up dd's nose down through her throat to have a look I just looked at him said no way!
So he was dismissing me saying oh she will be fine. So I let him start. Everytime he went near dd said "that's enough" and in the end I said "can't you do this is 2 weeks when she goes under for her dental work". He was like "babies and older children allow me to do it. In other countries they hold children down to do this procedure". I then said "do any of those children have special needs?" To which he didn't reply.
Bearing in mind dd is all over the place picking things up, touching all of the equipment. He then drones on for another 20 minutes and I am pulling my hair out at this stage.
His reason for her gravelly voice is that she is very impulsive, jumpy, loud etc. Yes I do agree but it also isn't an ideal environment being cooped up in a small office type room with dd who has been at school all day and it's 80 degrees outside! <<<sigh>>>

Davros Thu 21-Jul-05 19:51:54

Blimey, didn't he realise she's got SN or was it just too far removed from his own experience to understand? Makes perfect sense to do it while she having her dental work done but try to get the Drs to co-operate! I wanted DS to have a blood test for drug monitoring when he was under GA for dental work recently and, very nice though they both are, they just didn't sort it out.

JakB Thu 21-Jul-05 20:08:22

Oh Blossom, I'm sorry to hear that. I dunno about ENT professionals- reminds me of our experience with DD- do you remember, when the ENT consultant asked me if she had pointed to the bit that hurt?!! (like we would have spent a week in A&E trying to find out what the problem was if that was the case)

Blossomhill Thu 21-Jul-05 21:44:35

I did explain when I went in that she had a language disorder. These people make me so mad. You are meant to listen to them intently to him faffing about and droning on and then you have the nurse tutting because dd is pulling out everyone's notes

Davros - so did ds get the blood test in the end?

JakB - yes I do remember that with your dd. I do feel some of these people need more training as it would make life so much easier. My friend had a similar experience with her autistic son at CAMHS. They asked him what his thoughts were on school. Well you can imagine he didn't have a clue!

Merlot Thu 21-Jul-05 21:59:47

Oh what a rotten experience BH

DS2's new ENT specialist was rather lovely yesterday - much to my surprise!

I walked through the door and he said `Grommets' straight away. I was a bit taken back because we have been asking whether these would help with ds2's repeated ear infections for quite some time. When I said `is that what you would recommend then', he replied `well this little chap has enough to contend with, without all these infections - lets give it a go and see if they help him'. Furthermore, they reckon that they'll have him in to do it within the next few weeks!

What a completely different and logical approach. Here was a man who I felt truly understood our situation - grommets may not work, I know, but it would certainly be worth a try imho.

coppertop Thu 21-Jul-05 22:38:13

Grrrrr! I hate that "one-size-fits-all" approach. In any case, I really can't imagine that many children of dd's age would be too thrilled about having tubes stuck up their noses. What planet is this man from?????

beccaboo Thu 21-Jul-05 23:19:47

Exactly what I was thinking Coppertop. Are there any 6 year olds who would sit still while a tube was pushed up their nose and down their throat - numbing spray or not? I wouldn't fancy it

eidsvold Fri 22-Jul-05 02:58:19

their own BH - what an ass!!!! can you not contact another ENT and ask as you did that her vocal cords be checked during the dental work...Sorry you had such a crap time.....

I had a horror appt with ENT this week although my brief consult was relatively okay compared with the 2 1/2 hour wait with both dds. This registrar did feel the need to repeat what he had said originally a number of times.... despite me already showing I had understood what he wanted me to do.....

I would have been tempted to say 'in other countries parents sell their children into slavery and prositution.... what is your point here?' I would have also pointed out he is very wrong - I cannot imagine a baby or child tolerating that - dd1 had an ng tube for her frist nine weeks of life and displayed great discomfort when it was replaced weekly... so he is telling porky pies....

mum38 Fri 22-Jul-05 09:54:11

BH Your poor dd -I don't think I would have liked it either. What is it with some consultants. The ENT we see is ok as long as you don't question him. Last visit I said ds2 hasn't been v. lucky with his gormmets (2nd lot fell out within 6 weeks again). His reply was "well it's not like he has cancer"...

Merlot-ds2 had grommets for similar reasons (to see if he makes any difference). He hasn't been very lucky in keeping them in but they have helped alot. Firstly it made us realise how many silent ear infections he had (ds2 hardly ever complained). Also as the fluid clears more quicky, he is hearing better and we feel his understanding has come on alot in the past year. I really think frequent ear infections can have a terrible impact on hearing/speech development. ds2 had a hearing test a day or so before an ear infection and it came back as moderate hearing loss which means he would not be able to hear all the sounds is normal conversation. If it had been a permament loss he would have needed deaf aids.

Davros Fri 22-Jul-05 10:12:47

BH, no DS did not get the blood test when he was under GA. I emailed the Paed to suggest it but didn't hear back in time and asked the dentist on the day but she couldn't do it without knowing exactly what it was and why so a missed opportunity. I remember taking DS into hospital for a day for some test and telling the nurses that he had ASD and couldn't we have a room etc. Oh no, they're quite used to children with special needs....... and when he kept pressing the emergency call button they got annoyed . Then the time he was having an EEG and I phoned to ask how they would sedate him and they said they'd give him some sedative in syrup. I told them he wouldn't take anything, oh no problem they could handle it. I was looking forward to learning how to do it and see the professionals...... we had to go home as they couldn't get him to take it! What a waste of time and energy. Same with premed for dental work. Even when you tell them and explain the problems they don't listen..... drone drone

maddiemo Fri 22-Jul-05 10:17:40

Yes we have had similar problems. I am always amazed at how some Dr's believe they know your child better than you do.

monica2 Fri 22-Jul-05 10:53:34

BH sorry your gorgeous dd had to go through this, he needs something shuffing up one of his orifices if you ask me

Blossomhill Sat 23-Jul-05 19:08:36

Thanks everyone I may need to take your advice Monica

I just cannot believe how totally ignorant he was. I mean what child, whatever age would allow someone to shove a tube up there nose and down there throat? I know for a fact I wouldn't!!!!

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