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Maclaren Major accessories

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lou33 Wed 25-Jun-03 17:07:26

I'm putting a call out for anyone who has an abandoned Major! Has anyone got a shopping basket that goes underneath they no longer want? Obviously I would pay you for it. I just can't bring myself to spend £15 on the basket , to have to pay nearly £8 delivery charge! And I can't top up my order with the raincover to make it more reasonable because I have the old style buggy (ds insert makes it harder to fit into a new one), so have to order that elsewhere.

mieow Wed 25-Jun-03 17:25:19

Try john lewis, no delivery charge

mieow Wed 25-Jun-03 17:26:59

They will order it for you.

lou33 Wed 25-Jun-03 18:32:36

Oh Mieow thanks!! The Maclaren people said nowhere else did it. I'll definitely call them . I love Mumsnet!!!

lou33 Wed 16-Jul-03 12:27:50

ARGGGH!!!! Sorry but I am currently number one hater of Maclaren. I'm trying to get a raincover for the old style major, and am not sure if they could be less helpful. Emailed them ages ago about the shopping basket and raincover, and got a reply from someone. I called the number she recommended for the raincover to find they have gone into liquidation. Another company has bought their assets, and they revamped the raincover last year, and say they have no idea if it will still fit the old major. So email back to maclaren, and some old cow replies telling me to contact the same company. I write back saying thanks, but if you read my email properly you would see they don't exist anymore. In the meantime I call them on the phone, go to spares, they put me through to sales, who by chance is the woman who emailed me. She immediately transfers me back to spares, who tell me they don't and never have stocked accessories. So they give me another number to try. They don't sell to the public. I get given a few store numbers they supply to, to find they are all unobtainable. Then I get another email from ice queen to say I shouldn't be emailing her anyway cos she is sales and I need spares! I mailed her back saying I replied to the email I received, unaware that the wrong department would have answered me in the first place. Witch. So now I am tearing my hair out. It's been raining here today (hoorah), which just reminds me I am going to need one fairly soon. Does anyone know where I can get the old style cover without causing me to have a nervous breakdown? Thanks.

eidsvold Wed 16-Jul-03 21:13:20

Would it be possible to use a generic cover - some companies like Perfectly happy people - here

not sure if that is a help?? Somewhere like mothercare - I know they do generic type raincovers...

lou33 Wed 16-Jul-03 23:39:11

Thanks for the link Eidsvold. The problem is that the Major is bigger than run of the mill buggies. I have a raincover like one I found on the site, and to look at you would think it would fit, but the cover is too narrow and too short. Still haven't found anywhere to sell me one, although wheelchair services have given me a number to try tomorrow. They also said that if we can't get one they will provide me with a new Major, BUT it doesn't fit the extra seating inserts ds needs, so we would have to try and find another way of keeping him in the correct position.

It's just so stupid that I might have to reconfigure ds's entire pushchair arrangement because of a raincover!

mieow Thu 17-Jul-03 08:45:08

Lou33. My friends dad works for the wheelchair clinic here. I'll ask if they have any if you wish. Its the older style right?

Tissy Thu 17-Jul-03 09:37:24

Have you tried the "wanted" board on UKP? Much as I hate to mention a rival site, I've noticed that people often post unsual "wants" there and seem to find what they want.

lou33 Thu 17-Jul-03 16:46:43

I will keep you in mind Mieow, thanks for the offer.

Right I finally got a picture of this new revamped raincover from the company that took over the liquidised one, and it looks like it will fit, BUT it is £30!!!. In the meantime wheelchair services have said they are going to send over a new Major, so we can try fiddling with the seating to see if that works, then we can order the new style raincover if we want. Slight hitch. You have to buy the sun canopy to get the raincover to fit. So that's £44 for the 2.

Sorry but am I the only one who finds this a huge rip off? Add special needs into the mix and the price doubles. Dh says selling any pushchair in this country without a raincover is like selling a car without a roof. It's not like he has any choice but to be in it. I think they should come altogether as a bundle.So now I am going to wait for the new style one to arrive then decide which suits ds better. Thanks all for the help though.

mieow Thu 17-Jul-03 16:49:35

Write to your local CP support group. They may have a small pot of money which they dip into for things like this. Or phone Scope and they will be able to help you find someone who can help.

marmet Sun 07-Dec-03 19:46:34

hi lou33
i thought these companies should keep spares etc for products up to ten years tryinging to find out how old these major buggies are mines a blue and white stripy 1 with like a nylon pvc covered seating i hear the new 1s are alot more comfy so they are no longer a plastic covered nylon and she does complain when she first gets in it saying cold mummy so i have to put a old pram blanket on the seat im also after the rainwear for my major ive never seen any like ours with rain wear on them mines from nhs aswell and like i ve said on the other board i feel these maclaren major special needs buggies seem to be lagging behind the conventional buggies like the techno and daytripper hood is built in the buggy ARNT SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN IMPORTANT THEN to have a nice looking buggy. like the conventional 1s ok not blamming nhs but how many buggies from the 80s that it seems these majors are designed with the seats being basic you see around still none really but you still see these old majors still going yes they built well i kinow but our disabled children diserve the same as normal kids
sorry to go on

Jimjams Sun 07-Dec-03 20:48:32

I have a normal pegasus pushchair for ds2 (and I had it for ds1) I LOVE it- it's fantastic. They used to do a SN buggy- which was hugely expensive but if it was as good as their normal pushchairs then would have been great. I think the company may have been wound down, it was bought out a few years back. If you ever saw one second hand though I'd recommend it- they're built to last so would probably be fine second hand.

Lou33 Sun 07-Dec-03 21:30:38

Marmet I have replied on the other thread.

mayt Mon 08-Jun-09 22:23:22

Does anyone know where I can get a cheap spare Maclaren storage basket/net?

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