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Crap day and hospital visit..... GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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eidsvold Wed 20-Jul-05 22:42:29

Yesterday was the day from hell.... well not really I guess but boy it sure felt like it. Started off with dd2 having a rash that seemed to spread before my eyes. So I called the docs for an appt - either 11.10 or 10 to 2. I said I had a hospital appt at 12 and would not probably be back by two ( hospital is up to an hours drive away depending on traffic) the GP's sec scoffed and said surely I would be back by then. I told them I have often had to wait at least an hour to be seen. Took the 11.10 appt BUT decided to ring back and ask if they could squeeze me in earlier. We arrived at 9am and finally saw the GP at 10am - dd1 was beside herself having been strapped in for an hour. I was okay - realised I had to be seen when they could fit me in..... was worried about this rash.... ( okay - ezcema with a tough of prickly heat?!?! he thinks)

So we rushed to playgroup for dd1 to have an hour of play before we had to head off to the hospital thinking she would be worn out and sleep during the drive and be okay for the appointment.

We no sooner arrived at playgroup when dd1 was bitten on the arm by a little boy. HArd enough to break the skin even though he bit her through clothing.... she cried. Then I had to try and keep said boy away from dd2 who was just sitting in her buggy minding her own business....

Thanks for reading if you made it this far....

Arrive at hospital at 12 noon ( appt time)for her ENT appt. Dh came down from his office to attend the appointment with us...... well at about 1pm they finally did her hearing test. Dh left us at 2pm to go back to his office - felt a two hour lunch break was taking the piss a bit....... by this stage dd2 is screaming as she is tired and I have been feeding her on and off for the past two hours. Dd1 is exhausted and fed up with waiting. Then I see others who came after us going in well before us.

Finally just after 2.3opm they called dd1 - who had gone to sleep by this stage. Registrar is a little annoyed she is asleep.... I commented that waiting for two and a half hours for a consultation is exhausting to anyone let alone a toddler who has an afternoon nap anyway. After about 5 minutes he basically told us to keep an eye on her and to see us again in 3 months. I was so exhausted by trying to keep them both amused for so long and just from waiting that I almost went mental.

I was very snotty to the receptionist when she told me that surely I did not want an 11.30 appt next time ( first appt of the clinic) when I barked at her that it was cruel to make little children wait so long for an appt. There were a few other little ones but no toddlers who were waiting for ages too. Really got me furious.

So am now debating whether to write a letter about this... Dh joked that he was to be analysing the patient journey(?) as it is called. I told him it was not a bloody journey when one is stuck in a waiting room for 2 1/2 hours with a baby and toddler.

Anyway - so after leaving home before 9 we finally arrived home at 3.30 with a screaming hungry exhausted babe and a cranky toddler.

Thanks for reading - just needed to get it off my chest..... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

jenkins88 Thu 21-Jul-05 10:15:09

Oh poor you, you really did have a crap day, didn't you?

I know from my own expereince how much planning it takes to make sure that DS will not be asleep or starving hungry at appoinments, but when you have to wait 2 and a half hours all your plans go out the window. It's so bloody frustrating when you see people who arrived after you go in before you as well.

saadia Thu 21-Jul-05 10:27:46

I totally understand your anger. With these hospital appointments it sometimes seems like they're not even making any attempt to see people at the appointed time, and then when they do finally see you two hours late they think it's no big deal. I once had an antenatal appt where I was waiting three hours. Sheer incompetence if you ask me.

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