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Don't forget TV programme tonight

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mieow Tue 24-Jun-03 20:19:39

The second part of Born to be different is on tonight

lou33 Tue 24-Jun-03 20:26:38

Ooh yes thanks for reminding me.

fio2 Tue 24-Jun-03 20:48:13

thanks mieow we'll all be blubbing in a while then or will it just be me-I just have a feeling its going to be harder to watch tonight

fio2 Tue 24-Jun-03 22:18:14

I actually couldnt relate as much tonight Ijust felt so sorry for little shelby and the little boy with TS and their families, was right I couldnt stop blubbling

chatee Tue 24-Jun-03 22:26:12

was wondering who was going to be first with a message.....
Zoe's Mum really upset me tonight (been there, done that,etc)with the physio and the amount of plaster casts-it is so heart wrenching when those casts are removed, nothing can be done to lessen the noise of the machine-the only hope is you get an expert at doing the job so the process is done quicker.
Feeling a little low tonight as we received dd's proposed statement of special educational needs this morning(it kind of hits home that your chid IS different)also the fact that it's the size of about 20 Harry Potter books so not easy reading...I'll be on the phone to Parent Partnership in the morning for them to translate into our language what it says(IYNWIM)

aloha Tue 24-Jun-03 22:36:40

Even my dh cried during this programme, which is very unlike him. It was the little boy having the brain operation that did it. I just loved the little lad with achondroplasia - he was so giggly and bouncy and cute and reminded me of my ds (the same age) and it was so wonderful to see his blithe unselfconsciousness - don't you wish you could preserve that forever?

fio2 Tue 24-Jun-03 22:38:57

message withdrawn

mieow Tue 24-Jun-03 23:08:20

Ds had those casts on his legs for two weeks after his Botox injections and he wouldn't even let the nurse come near him with that machine, they had to cut them off with scissors

lou33 Tue 24-Jun-03 23:26:28

It just depressed me to see most of them were walking or attempting to, but mine still isn't and doesn't .

mieow Tue 24-Jun-03 23:28:13

Oh Lou....... its sad isn't it how old is your DS? DD1 didn't walk till 26 months. Chin up though hon.......

lou33 Tue 24-Jun-03 23:38:01

He's 28 months mieow.

fio2 Wed 25-Jun-03 09:31:37

hope you're feeling a bit better today lou

ThomCat Wed 25-Jun-03 09:56:06

Oh gutted, just seen posts and missed it all. If it gets repeated can I rely on you girls to let me know?
Lou - don't be sad sweetie, he'll get there in the end and in the meantime I reckon he deserves a donkey of his own to get round on!!!

chatee Wed 25-Jun-03 18:58:44

Lou 33, dd is 3 in August and still is not standing or walking unaided but remember they BOTH WILL WHEN THERE READY or so I keep hoping

Got to get back on the positive road....and I'm so looking forward to our N.W. meet up this weekend

Have you heard of the Family Fund Trust??
we had a lovely lady come to visit earlier and I just want to pass on the info as she was so positive

MABS Wed 25-Jun-03 19:15:30

videoed it last night and tried to watch it today. Maybe i've got my negative head on this week but I just couldn't watch it really.
He will get there Lou with the walking, just at his own pace - chin up!

On a more postive note , ds actually weed in the potty for the first time today. Really should be so excited but just can't seem to sum up much enthusiasm for anything at the mo. Oh...just ignore my rambling, think i need a large drink

Rhubarb Wed 25-Jun-03 21:47:04

Lou, my nephew has Downs and will be 2 in Oct. He doesn't stand or walk either, in fact he's very relunctant to put any weight on his feet at all! He still doesn't feed himself, not even finger food, and he doesn't talk either. My sister was a very put out when she saw the little boy with Downs of the same age, walking unaided, but then I had to remind her that her ds had a major heart operation and was in and out of hospital for the first 18 months of his life.

So don't worry. Even healthy children may not be walking or talking at 2!

lou33 Wed 25-Jun-03 22:28:38

I know, I'm being stupid and negative. I feel a bit better today though. I guess we have these ups and downs, take a big breath and get on with it.

I know the Family Fund Chatee, we had them here at the beginning of the year. Great help aren't they?

fio2 Wed 25-Jun-03 22:57:17

you aren't being stupid lou and glad you are feeling better today

ThomCat Thu 26-Jun-03 09:38:39

Lou - if you call yourself stupid again I shall come over there and smack your legs!!!!!
No-one is stupid for feeling a bit down sometimes, least of all you OK. All we want is the best for our kids and yours have the best - you! Now I'm going to sit and scan in all my good holidays pics and email you seperatley and bore you to death so get ready!!!!!

MABS - hope that drink sorted your head out and you're feeling more positive today. There's always something to smile about aye - XX

ThomCat Thu 26-Jun-03 12:03:50

lou - tried 7 times (it's my lucky number) and still can't get an email through to you. Let me know if you've crashed when you're back up and running and I'll try again.

eidsvold Thu 26-Jun-03 13:48:03

Thomcat - we have taped the programmes so far but have not been able to watch any - when we are finished - would you like me to send the tapes to you. Not sure when we will actually get the time to sit down and watch them but you are more than welcome to them when we are finished.

Marina Thu 26-Jun-03 14:29:42

My NCT Refresher Classes have switched nights and that's how I must have missed episode 2. I wanted so much to see how the children and families were all faring. Especially, how did William's brain surgery go? And would anyone who watched it mind giving me a general update? It is *so* good to see a prime-time documentary on such an important and worthwhile theme, well done to Channel 4 for running it.

ThomCat Thu 26-Jun-03 14:41:00

Edisvold - That is incredibly generous and sweet of you, that would be lovely and I promise to return the tapes back to you when I've finished watching them, cheers hon'. Have you still got my email address from before? If you have could you drop me a line and I'll give you my address. or even better why don't you give me your and I'll send you a SAE?

eidsvold Thu 26-Jun-03 19:40:10

When we have watched them I will email you to get your address and then send the tape on if that works for you - that way you know when to expect them. Same email address.

aloha Thu 26-Jun-03 20:19:39

Poor little William didn't do so well. He's still fitting and getting worse, though he's an incredibly lovely brave boy. I'm feeling teary thinking about it. It was the story that made my dh cry. They are just the most amazing children, though it's very, very hard to watch. We kept turning over, which is so wussy when you think of the courage of the children.

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