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Special Needs section on CBeebies website

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beccaboo Tue 19-Jul-05 23:53:21

Has anyone else spotted that there's a special needs section on the cbeebies website? In the 'grownups' section. Amongst other things there's an interesting feature by a mother of an autistic son.

Sorry for my lack of link savvy -

TheRealMrsF Wed 20-Jul-05 09:24:32

thanks for that....have printed it off as i think the parenting group i attend will find it very useful!

Dingle Wed 20-Jul-05 10:57:40

here we go

JakB Wed 20-Jul-05 20:18:02

I've just read the feature about autism and thought it was very sensitively written- realistic but positive at the same time which is no mean feat!

Davros Wed 20-Jul-05 21:35:19

Its a really good section, the whole SN bit and it looks so nice! The ASD bit is written by someone at DS's school (can't say I know her, there's so many of them).

spursmum Wed 20-Jul-05 22:09:29

Thanks for that link. it gave me a lot of practical advice for my ds.Although he doesnt have a lot of behavioural problems, the tantrums and speech problems are the worst.

beccaboo Wed 20-Jul-05 22:12:08

I thought that feature might be good to give to grandparents too - quite concise.

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