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Davros and others please can i ask for your expertise.

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louismama Tue 19-Jul-05 18:35:35

Hi Davros, sorry for the personal request but a while ago you mentioned ABA in Spain. Have been singing nursery rhymes, turn taking, two word sentences etc.(will post separately on encouraging language) for some time now with ds. He is now 2 and although he gets global stim. therapy 3x week and they seem to be making some progress I dont feel its enough. Feeling really flat at the moment due to my own limited progress with ds; hard to stay motivated iykwim. Its just me dh and ds out here and a "friend " ive made through the mom and toddler group. We are on the costa del sol do you have ANY idea where I should go next. When I speak to ds's therapists about being more involved in theraphy etc. they seem to think im the mom not the therapist and that im abit neurotic that i know so much about asd and not even dx yet. We are still months maybe even a year away from cdc dx I just dont think I cant afford to sit on my laurels till then, early intervention before 3 is reported to be sooo important not that im suggesting you ever stop working for the best for your children at 4 or 5 etc. just feel NEED to act now for both of us. Off to BIBIC in September btw. Davros have been reading archives on aba think it may be really good for louis, noticed you recommended a book to jimjams a while back was that based on aba techniques? Something i can read and implement at home? God i wish i spoke spanish life would be so much easier for us all.

Jimjams Tue 19-Jul-05 19:14:34

I found this really good. (kind of an idiots guide to ABA)

louismama Tue 19-Jul-05 19:36:41

thanks jj will read tonight.

louismama Tue 19-Jul-05 19:36:50

thanks jj will read tonight.

Davros Tue 19-Jul-05 20:09:31

Hi Louismama, ooh I lurve a thread with my name in the title!
I think the book was probably Behavioural Intervention for young Children with Autism. I'd still highly recommend it and think its worth getting, a while since I looked at it but I think you can use it to "work through". It would be very hard to try to implement ABA properly totally on your own though. A few ideas, first join PEACh, they have a list of ABA service providers and when I last saw it there was at least one in Spain. Mind you, that was some years ago so may be out-of-date. Second, one of us on here could post on the EGroup ABA-UK to ask if there are any members in Spain doing ABA as the Group has a few memebrs from other parts of Europe. Third, I have a Spanish girl helping with DS, she is very involved in Special Needs and trained in Spain as a Linguist, I'll ask her for any ideas, she's from the Valencia area. WHen we ran a full prog our Supervisor was also Spanish so I could contact her too for any ideas. I used to be a member of the ME-List which is an excellent US-based but worldwide ABA list but I dropped off when my email went awol , that would also be somewhere to try. I'll see if I can sign up again as I'd like to anyway but keep forgetting.
Don't know if I can think of anything else. Maybe look at the Spanish Universities for Psychology Depts or Behaviourists and just contact them, they are bound to know about ABA and may very likely be involved in some form or another.
I'll see what I can find out for you. I would recommend you try to speak to someone local who knows the "scene" and I'm sure there are families doing ABA there, they are everywhere all over the world, its just winkling them out that's hard!

Jimjams Tue 19-Jul-05 20:16:27

behavioural intervention is very good- used with help us learn it's definitely possible to get going- although having said that I was lucky and had an experienced tutor.

louismama Tue 19-Jul-05 20:49:55

Davros will definately try to get hold of the book think im ready for some reading material. Any other info you can get hold of would be VERY much appreciated. Will have a look at PEACH too. There are no other asd kids at Louis centre Ive asked its just the language thing that causes problems, in uk id phone NAS etc. but here im so useless learning but VERY slowly. Thanks again hope to hear from you soon.

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