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Makaton Symbols

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fledtoscotland Fri 12-Mar-10 22:05:18

Have started to learn makaton to help DS1 (age 2.8) who has a speech delay and disordered speech development due to ENT problems. The course is fantastic and DS1 seems enthusiastic about being able to communicate.

In the past week he has learned good, naughty, milk, drink and is very pleased with himself (his signing isn't accurate but we are finally able to communicate effectively rather than grunts and me guessing at him pointing)

I was hoping to put together a few symbols esp round the kitchen to help him with food choices so he can tell me what he wants.

We are still on the waiting list for one to one speech therapy so the Makaton is off my own back.

I am having trouble on the internet finding pictures of the different foods and the ones in the course book are really only yogurt, biscuit, drink etc and what i'm really looking for is apple, banana, orange, cheese, etc with the symbol that I can print out and the sign.

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

thanks in advance.

NorthernSky Fri 12-Mar-10 22:08:41

Message withdrawn

meerkatsandkookaburras Fri 12-Mar-10 22:13:06

i know the something special site on cbeebies has some but most are not available online as far as i know as they sell program for them at some extorionate rate!! hope someone else knows for you but all i know is of other symbols similar but different, we do makaton symbols so i dont attempt any that arent the proper makaton ones as would confuse ds and mess up what he then learns at school etc if that makes sense. hope you find the few you want on cbeebies something special if you click on each video they show you the ones on there, not sure how easy it would be to print though? could trace them off screen if all else fails i guess?? we have some here but not loads as he keeps loosing them so if you want just the symbols ill have a look and scan the ones that i have that are any good for you in and email them but not sure what we have so hope someone comes along with more info for you

fledtoscotland Fri 12-Mar-10 22:13:33

thanks Northernsky - the only books I have are the Makaton beginners course which has the basic symbols in.

does the pocket book have more specific food signs/symbols.

The cbeebies website is great but there is nothing there (or under any other good search) where I can find specific food signs such as different fruits etc.

have you got the title of the pocket book and is it available on amazon?

meerkatsandkookaburras Fri 12-Mar-10 22:14:05

crossed posts!! wink

fledtoscotland Fri 12-Mar-10 22:17:47

thankyou meerkats - have you got any food symbols/signs? the cbeebies website is really good but what i'm trying to do is let DS1 be able to make choices and tell me what he wants. thought i'd start with food as he gets a good reward and take it from there

its very frustrating that we haven't got to see a SALT yet but thats a whole other discussion. DS1 seems keep to learn and is really pleased that he can communicate even if its to tell me he wants milk rather than water.

any information is a bonus at the moment as we are literally just starting out.

thanks again.

meerkatsandkookaburras Fri 12-Mar-10 22:20:40

i have some laminated on velcro etc but some i have on scanned sheets, will look to see what i have though im not sure they are simpe enough, think we have lot of stupid ones like meerkat, no headbanging, pasta shapes, hmmmi dunno i think he has about 100 so must have some useful ones to start with ill look now back in a mo!

NorthernSky Fri 12-Mar-10 22:21:22

Message withdrawn

NorthernSky Fri 12-Mar-10 22:26:07

Message withdrawn

fledtoscotland Fri 12-Mar-10 22:26:14

Northernsky - atm am just trying to get DS1 a way of letting me know what he wants. His speech is random. He can say Helicoptor (comes out helicotor) but not mum, please, milk etc. basically he cant make any noise from the front of his mouth.

Our LEA uses boardmaker so I have downloaded their free trial

my only reason for choosing makaton was it seems to good for pre-school and then you can develop it into boardmaker, bsl etc.

Will google PECS as I havent heard of that.

thanks again

NorthernSky Fri 12-Mar-10 22:27:45

Message withdrawn

NorthernSky Fri 12-Mar-10 22:29:12

Message withdrawn

fledtoscotland Fri 12-Mar-10 22:31:16


just looked at PECS and the symbols are fab but I really need to know how to do the sign to go with the symbol if that makes sense.

its so frustrating not getting to see SALT yet. had the assessment at the beginning of December and they said 11 weeks, we are now at 14weeks and they are saying it will take 18 weeks to get the 1st appointment.

once we have them on board I'm hoping I will get more resources to help me but at the moment its a bit like i'm treading water and trying to manage a toddler who is rapidly learning that tantrums are the best method of communication

NorthernSky Fri 12-Mar-10 22:33:25

Message withdrawn

NorthernSky Fri 12-Mar-10 22:36:16

Message withdrawn

fledtoscotland Fri 12-Mar-10 22:37:58

that makes sense.

the nursery use Makaton which is good so I have some consistency there but the LEA uses Boardmaker once they get to Primary 1. I dont really understand why they don't just start it at nursery.

am off to bed now as have to get up for work at 6am but will google further tomorrow night

thanks again northern

fledtoscotland Fri 12-Mar-10 22:38:51

northern = i dont have CAT but my email is kab0901 @ yahoo dot co dot uk.

thanks loads

meerkatsandkookaburras Fri 12-Mar-10 22:40:37

foods i have are:

pasta shapes
scrambled egg
fish pie
sausage roll
milk (in a carton though not cup if that makes any difference to you?!)

activities i have are:
wash hands
fores t
adult visitor
get dressed

other symbols are:
something else
sit down
brush teeth

i have loads more in his book but thats in his room (dunno why!) and hes coughing a bit so darent go in in case i wake him up more, will look in morning and add those on here then just yell any you want and ill either scan and email them or post them to you. some will be tiny though as he has quite small ones now (about an inch square) so would need enlarging or whatever to make them reasonable size for your little one to see

fledtoscotland Fri 12-Mar-10 22:43:52

Meerkats - thats fantastic. Am a bit overwhelmed that both you and Northern would help me so much. thankyou.

my email is in the post above - whichever is easier for you. I'm happy to give you my home address if thats easier than sending a huge message.

thankyou grin

NorthernSky Fri 12-Mar-10 22:44:11

Message withdrawn

meerkatsandkookaburras Fri 12-Mar-10 22:44:45

lol looks rather long on here and have more in his book, should have typed them on in a more logical manner sorry!! also worth investigating what your area prefer, were in nottinghamshire and apparently all schools here should use makaton signs and makaton symbols as thats what county says!!?? only discovered this in asking if the special school i want ds to go to does makaton or something else as forgot to ask when there and they said all nottinghamshire do makaton but new salt has moved from manchester or near there i think and she uses soemthing else though cant remember its name though sure it will come back to me!

meerkatsandkookaburras Fri 12-Mar-10 22:48:57

ill sort out the others in the morning and then either scan them in for the ones i dont have scanned in already or whatever, will see what else i have and what you need. should add i know only fruit i have i think is bananas though as fruit makes my ds sick except bananas so think thats only one we have fruitwise!!! will email you tomorrow sometime when ive found the others from his room - by now probably scattered all over - why didnt i bring them down ealrier they would still be ordered in the velcro in his book!!!!

fledtoscotland Fri 12-Mar-10 22:55:53

thankyou ladies and will catch up with you tomorrow Meerkats

signandsay Sat 13-Mar-10 07:59:01

Just wantd to post some info, if you are looking to buy resources, (I know we shouldn't have to!!) Forest Bookshop in the forest of dean, is brill, BSL,SSE, signalong, makaton, deafblind manual, and lots of Deaf history and culture etc,, might be worth a look... their website is i think...

Also I think the difference between board maker or PECs and makaton is makaton has symbols not pictoral representation, so for example man is a drawing of a little stick man, and dad is the little stick man in a circle, as they use circle to denote family,
hope that's useful info, good luck smile

justaboutkeepingawake Sat 13-Mar-10 08:29:09

Message withdrawn

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