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DD due to be put into hip spica cast- advice please? [sad]

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Tras Wed 10-Mar-10 20:59:25

Just heard yesterday that my 7 month old DD is due to have surgery next month because of her hip. We have been told that she will be in a hip spica cast for three months and then a harness for another three.

Anyone any experience of this and any tips that would be helpful? Need advice on:

1) best nappies
2) best deodarant for cast
3) useful toys or accessories to keep them occupied
4) can you hire a hip spica seat? How much?
5) worrying about how to comfort her after operation. Any experiences?
6) do they get sores on their bottoms? how do you best clean them?
7) are you entitled to DLA/ Carers allowance or any other support?

Any other advice would be great. Think that the more prepared I am the better. Its the only thing we have any control over.

TotalChaos Wed 10-Mar-10 21:10:57

Hello and welcome to the board. I only have indirect experience (my best friend's DD had similar)

My friend's DD didn't have the op but had a cast and harness.
1)nappies - they were given absorbent squares (?gamjees) and then just used any old disposable over them
2)don't think deodorant was an issue
3)no toys different to normal baby toys - squish etc type things
4)these people hire hip spica car seats (my friend didn't use them
6)I don't recall my friend's DD having problems with sores from the hip spica (she did once get pressure sores from leg casts)
7)Unsure re:DLA etc, as my friend didn't try and claim as far as I know.

you might also find the webite and forum for the steps charity useful:-

BigWeeHag Wed 10-Mar-10 21:43:15

Hi there.

DS1 was in a spica cast for a month after fracturing his femur. Height of summer too!

I put a NB sized nappy tucked into the cast, then a large one over the top of it.

I'm afraid it did smell, but I didn't use anything to deodorise it as DS1 has many sensitivities and I didn't want to aggravate his skin.

I found useful toys that could be played with lying down - he loved his mobiles, his big sisters leapster, mirrors etc. I also bought one of those sit in gym things, because he could only be upright or flat, couldn't sit. But he didn't have a bar.

The nurse finishing off the plaster for me gave me a couple of rolls of the shiny tape (slick?) to put around the edges, keep it well padded.

DS did have a lot of sores, but he had been in traction for a month before he went into the cast, and he already had some. I just kept him as clean as possible. There was lots of room between him and the cast. In fact, he used to hide things in it, the toad!

HTH a little, massive ((hugs)) for you. xx

Oh, also, a Micralite is a really good stroller to use because of the shape of the seat.

shinyhappypeople Mon 07-Jun-10 21:38:37

Just wanted to say Hi, My dd who is almost 3 is due to be in a hip spica at some point in August. I had exactly the same questions as you.

Do you have a date for the procedure yet?
Hope your dd is coping well.


Tras Sun 13-Jun-10 21:40:27

Hi Shinyhappypeople, my DD has been fantastic and due out of her cast in two weeks! The time has really flew by. I cannot lie, at times I have been fed up with the cast and the weight of it has annoyed my back. But my DD has been great. She is now crawling in the cast like an army person!

I highly recommend the 'steps' discussion forum as there will be loads on there who have experience of children aged 3 in casts and can advise you on seats etc.

Y did it take so long for them to diagnose your DD? Im sure you are annoyed! If you have any questions, please ask.

SaliMali1 Mon 14-Jun-10 21:02:03

My nephew learnt to crawl in a cast !!! He was in 1 twice once at 6 months then again at 22 months neather of which worked but we learnt to live with him in a cast.

Tracy1961 Thu 05-Jan-17 14:31:36

My Granddaughter of 6 weeks has been put in a spica cast for the 10 weeks minimum. Has anyone got a car seat suitable for the cast for sale? Please help!

zzzzz Thu 05-Jan-17 17:44:21

I don't think you'd qualify for DLA but ask healthcare professionals as they will know. My understanding is DLA would only kick in for something long term.

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