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Thomcat, have you seen...

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Janh Sun 17-Jul-05 10:51:04


Thought you would like it

hunkermunker Sun 17-Jul-05 10:53:39

Oh, gorgeous photos! Fantastic article, Jan

GetOrlaithOut Sun 17-Jul-05 10:54:26

That's a lovely article Jan - and what a gorgeous girlie!

mancmum Sun 17-Jul-05 14:30:34

was just about to post the same thing!! Aren't the photos just fantastic? Brillian article

YogiYahooey Sun 17-Jul-05 20:15:31

What fabulous photos!! and a brilliant article too.

onlyjoking9329 Sun 17-Jul-05 21:12:04

yes i agree a lovely photo, she is on the DS calender that i have, a picture for each day and billie- jo is the picture for tomorrow

eidsvold Mon 18-Jul-05 04:37:01

I saw some of the photos and they really are fab - the photographer wanted to get 365 photos - thankfully his display will always be on show - it has moved to the DSA UK head office for display.

Dh pointed this out to me yesterday - brilliant.

eidsvold Mon 18-Jul-05 04:40:40

scarily - the article about testing for ds at 5 weeks worries me - they have been working here in Brisbane ( my home town) on a cervical swab which will test as early as 5 weeks with little disruption to the baby - as opposed to amnios etc.....

sorry for the hijack - just a sad juxtaposition - beautiful photo - then link to the other article.

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