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Changing provision and statements - what happens?

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heartinthecountry Fri 15-Jul-05 14:17:35

Am getting myself in a right old pickle about dd's nursery provision. Went to visit a special needs nursery yesterday - really because I thought I should see it before I discounted it - and hve ended up thinking that maybe it would be the best place for dd!

Have decided that probably I would like her to go there in September for a term initially as a kind of assessment period (they have a mainstream nursery next door which dd will have access to) with the possibility that she will then move on to mainstream from January.

But - how would this work with her statement? I have a meeting with her statementing officer on Monday and need to know what I am asking for!

My worry is that if her statement is written now for the specialist nursery, it won't have as much detail in it as would be needed if she was going to mainstream later on e.g number of 1 to 1 LSA hours.

I know the statement can be re-assessed later on but someone from IPSEA warned me that LEAs are under no obligation to change a statement later.

Anyone thoughts from anyone who's child has changed the type of provision and has their statement been completely re-negotiated?

sorry - hope that makes sense.

Davros Fri 15-Jul-05 14:24:45

Urgh, don't know HITC. Is there a place for her in Sept first? Maybe just be honest with the statementing officer. Its true that, unless its in this statement, they have no obligatation to switch in the future, but why can't it be in this statement? They are always trying to put a time limit on ABA programs .... and then the child will go to m/s school.... so why not the other way round?

Fio2 Fri 15-Jul-05 14:26:09

ours was wrote for a special needs nursery and when we moved here they 'honoured' the statement and provision required, except it was so dhort notice she didnt actually get any provision at manistream as it was for such a short period. i think they review if they change provision and change the statement accordingly. Usually if they start off in a spoecial school then go on to mainstream the special 'over see' everything to make sure everything necessary if provided

sorry not much help, just my knowledge

heartinthecountry Fri 15-Jul-05 14:49:15

Thanks guys - yes she has a place at the SN nursery for Sept. She also has a place being held at a mainstream nursery for either after half term or January.

Thing is, I'm not 100% sure whether I will want her to move to mainstream.

think I will just be up front with the statementing officer as you say Davros and see what happens.

Of course - I could really complicate things by adding ABA into the mix!!

Davros Fri 15-Jul-05 14:49:58

And don't forget some Sonrise, RDI and flootime!

heartinthecountry Fri 15-Jul-05 14:51:17

Ooo - flootime, is that what floosie's do?

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