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I'm desperate to go to bed

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Jimjams Thu 14-Jul-05 23:24:02

But ds1 is still up. Agghghghg shouting away. He's hot, I'm desperate to open some windows but as soon as I open the one outside his room (with him safely behind a barrier as it would be far too easy to fall out of) he starts shouting. Upstairs is a furnace. WTF is it going to be like during the school holidays when I can't open the windows at all during the day.

Mutter muterm, bah humbug, dreading the school holidays.

Shouldn't moan- I met someone today whose son sleeps for 1 and half hours a night!!! She looked really well and healthy as well.

Blossomhill Thu 14-Jul-05 23:25:53

Have you got any fans you could put on jimjams (sorry for really obvious answer but it's all I could think of )?

PrincessPeaHead Thu 14-Jul-05 23:27:24

oh jimjams.
think you may need to invest in an airconditioner or two if the window phobia is likely to persist. summers are definitely getting hotter here...

maddiemo Fri 15-Jul-05 01:02:09

Hope you are in bed now, and not too hot.

jayzmummy Fri 15-Jul-05 01:07:25

Same here Jimjams...J is still awake. ive just had a cool shower with him and he is lying down stairs on the sofa with the stable door open in our kitchen so we can get some cool air into the house....fingers crossed he will fall asleep soon and then I can to.

Im definately considering investing in a potable air conditioning unit....maybe you can hire one from Jewsons???

jayzmummy Fri 15-Jul-05 01:48:41

he's asleep...nighty night. I hope you got some sleep to JJams.

RnB Fri 15-Jul-05 07:09:48

Message withdrawn

Davros Fri 15-Jul-05 08:55:33

Oh gawd, hope he went to bed eventually and you managed to get some sleep. This is part of why I hate hot weather. Apart from being very sensitive to the sun myslef and a porker, its just so uncomfortable and HIGH MAINTENANCE. Bloody sun creams, crowds everywhere, can't use the garden, can't sleep at night etc etc, bring on Autumn, my favourite season.

Fio2 Fri 15-Jul-05 08:58:05

was going to suggest an air conditioner. I take it he sleeps in the loft like my two? Its hot up in ours, mine both went to bed at 9.30 so late for my two too. It is a nightmare

Jimjams Fri 15-Jul-05 09:03:28

got to bed at midnight- but baby woke before 5 (and he has been sleeping through).

The problem with the windows isn't so much that he wants them shut (I would tell him tough tbh). it's that there are very few that are safe to open when he's around. We have patio doors onto 2 balconies- they need replacing with french windows with a small window that could be opened to the side. Most of the kitchen windows he could fall out of.

I LOATHE summmer Davros. Have you seen thaty new p20 suncream- it only has to be applied once. The school nurse showed it to us yesterday (great for kids who can't tolerate lotion). Also hate it because everwhere is too busy so we can't even try places.

Moan moan. Actually I am dreading the summer.

Jimjams Fri 15-Jul-05 09:05:46

We have a big fan- but spins so no good. I think an air conditioner would be too noisy.

Our house is weird Fio. Flat roofed. The neighbours slept out on their roof terrace last weekend, but I don't even want him knowing we have a roof terrace

Fio2 Fri 15-Jul-05 09:09:00


I cant leave the windows open at all on the top floor as we have parapet walls and you can climb from one house to the other and with two methadone patients living on the top floor next door i dont think i would risk it apart from the kids climbing out of course!

gosh i sound so classy

maddiemo Fri 15-Jul-05 09:40:25

My mum gas air conditioning units and I think they are noisy.

My friend has put metal grilles up in her house. Doesn't look wonderful but at least she can have some fresh air.

beccaboo Fri 15-Jul-05 09:53:13

Hope you're not too knackered . The forecast is for slightly cooler weather over the weekend.

Tiggiwinkle Fri 15-Jul-05 10:18:15

We suffer in our house too Jimjams. I only dare have the windows (which are sash ones) open as far as the window locks will allow. It gets absolutely stifling upstairs. (I had a fright when we went to stay in a holiday cottage a couple of years ago-no locks on the windows. We looked up from the garden and saw DS happily sitting on the first floor window ledge, window wide open! So no windows that can open here!)
Wher do you buy that suncream you mentioned by the way-do they do it in Boots?

MandM Fri 15-Jul-05 10:59:19

Tiggiwinkle - You can buy the P20 lotion in Boots, Superdrug etc and most independent chemists.
It is really good, and actually does work for about 8 hours. I was quite sceptical at first, but have been very impressed.

Davros Fri 15-Jul-05 11:22:01

For windows I'm afraid that safety grilles are the best option. You can get quite decorative ones. It doesn't stop them getting at the glass (could get reinforced glass) or chucking stuff out. Try Banham or the equivalent, money well spent.

Jimjams Fri 15-Jul-05 16:04:37

oh god more work we can't afford. I still haven';t got the double glazing done at the front which has to be done or he's going to go through the entire window. I don't even want to ask how much the safety grills are (the double glazing we need doing is 7 grand!)

JakB Fri 15-Jul-05 16:33:52

Oh blimey, Jimjams, we are heading for the same scenario. Didn't I read somewhere that we can get help with specialist stuff because of our children's needs?

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