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NAS International Conference

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Davros Thu 14-Jul-05 08:03:31

I am so excited because I am going to the NAS Conference (at least I've booked, so will TRY to go!). Hee hee, I don't have to pay as I am on the NAS Council:


jayzmummy Thu 14-Jul-05 19:59:28

I want to go but cant afford it

RnB Thu 14-Jul-05 20:04:24

Message withdrawn

jayzmummy Thu 14-Jul-05 20:06:21

If you can sneak me in too I'd be forever grateful and I'll promise not to ever keep you on the phone for ages again

Davros Thu 14-Jul-05 21:31:47

Well, I'm behaving as if I'm going to be able to go to all of it but I might well not, so watch this space!

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