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Tips on self feeding/using hands

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Bethron Wed 13-Jul-05 22:55:50

Message withdrawn

jenkins88 Thu 14-Jul-05 02:26:07

HI Bethron, how old is your DS? I've no experience of sensory issues but I'm sure someone will be along with some ideas soon.

I remember that my DS wouldn't eat finger foods at all until he was 2 yr's old. Before that he had to be spoon fed purees. Then he changed overnight and refused anything that he couldn't pick up.

Sorry, I know that's no help to you, but thought I would share. I think DS feeding problems were more down to him not using his mouth to explore when he was a baby and not due to any sensory issues.

Hope someone else has something useful to add

Merlot Thu 14-Jul-05 08:03:58

my ds2 (22 months) has only just started to finger feed a few select items.

Up until 3 months ago, he would not put anything (apart from his fingers) in his mouth, although he loves to be spoon fed, as long as it is only soft stuff.

My salt recommended that I try cheesy wotsits (because they are bite and dissolve). So I started with feeding them to him like a bird...he LOVED them (probably all those e numbers!! - I do use baby organix versions now..but I dont know if they are any better) and then once I knew that he liked them, I put one at a time in his finger and thumb and guided it to his mouth. After a few days (practicing with about 6 before each meal) he began taking them from my fingers. A couple of weeks later I began placing them on his highchair tray and he took them from there....and about a month ago he actually took them from the packet (with me holding the packet). He will now hold the packet, but he finds it difficult to hoik them out like that.

Ds now also self feeds chocolate buttons (all the healthy stuff!!!) little bits of bread (wont touch it if its slippery with butter (I'm working on that one!) Chips (!) and fried courgette.

I have now realised that whilst ds2 can self feed bite sized portions he has no concept of holding a finger of toast and feeding it gradually he would stuff it all in at once. So would be very grateful of any tips how to overcome this challenge.

Bethron - I suppose my final piece of advice took ages and loads and loads of patience () to even get this far, so I think perserverance is the key. Also, you need to start with a food your child definitely likes
Good Luck, let us all know how you get on.

Fio2 Thu 14-Jul-05 08:06:44

I used to put it in her hand first, hold her hand brinh it to mouth
then prgress onto wrist
elbow promts etc

we found putting hundreds and thousands into little dishes, getting her to lick her finger put it in the dish to stich to H&T's to put back into her mouth. From maximum help/supervision until minimal


Bethron Thu 14-Jul-05 09:39:16

Message withdrawn

mulsey Sat 16-Jul-05 22:59:31

My daughter is nearly 4 and a half and still does not finger feed at all. Quite by accident she had a ball from her ball pool in her hand at dinner, and began putting it into the spagetti hoops - you can imagine it went everywhere,but it also went into my mouth, as she tried to feed me and all over her face too. This was a big break through for us, what about using some sort of clean toy, preferably without hair!

chonky Sat 16-Jul-05 23:29:24

Hi Bethron,
My dd is the same age as your ds, and is a reluctant feeder full stop.
Our Portage worker suggested putting lots of different textured foods on dd's high chair tray (one food at a time, not all mixed together!), and allowing her to messy play with the food and then hopefully she'll make the connection between food on her hands going into her mouth and self-feeding. We've tried using choccy Angel Delight and jelly so far.
Let us know how you get on, and good luck. You lot have inspired me to keep persisting with dd.

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