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Please send my ds little devil vibes.

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meea Wed 13-Jul-05 11:40:10

Early years inclusion worker is coming to see us at home this afternoon to see if he can see any of the behaviours that are concerning us.
What's the betting that he's a little angel and completely ignores all his obsessions plays beautifully and doesn't throw a tantram.
So please everyone send him little horror vibes.

Dingle Wed 13-Jul-05 11:47:14

Isn't it always the same!! Sending little devil vibes, but only for the visit!!

Nbg Wed 13-Jul-05 11:47:41

Devily vibes being sent lol!

JakB Wed 13-Jul-05 11:54:17

meea, what triggers the behaviours that concern you? If they emerge outside the house, I would suggest that you go out with the Early Years inclusion worker. It sounds awful, but think about what triggers the behaviour and put them in place (as long as it's not too awful for your gorgeous boy)

coppertop Wed 13-Jul-05 12:07:08

Good luck. Ds2 is always at his most angelic when we have visits from portage, the SENCO and the EYIS.

meea Wed 13-Jul-05 12:22:04

A lot of the things he reacts to I can't trigger such as his reaction to rain and wind .He hates noice and covers his ears so I may have to try to find someway of showing that behaviour.
Unfortunatly he is coming at 4pm when I will have just got in from school with the other 3 as well.So not easy to try and trigger his reactions.

meea Wed 13-Jul-05 13:55:04

He has just phoned to cancel as he has been thinking about the fact that ds hasn't been at nursery today.So guess what he isn't coming until September. I dont' know what i am more upset about how long it will be before we get any help or how long i have spent tidying up .

RnB Wed 13-Jul-05 15:50:39

Message withdrawn

JakB Wed 13-Jul-05 15:51:14

Oh meea, that's awful love. Bloody hell.

coppertop Wed 13-Jul-05 15:58:36

It sounds like a pretty feeble excuse to cancel IMHO.

I know what you mean though about doing all the tidying up though.

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