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butty Tue 12-Jul-05 16:09:34

after telling you all that confirmed ADHD, the school nurse has just rung after consultation with the Doc and has said that chloe has ASD. please can some one tell me what this means. I don't like to ask silly questions but i don't know how bad this is?

Blossomhill Tue 12-Jul-05 16:11:06

It means autistic spectrum disorder butty.

butty Tue 12-Jul-05 16:13:12

is this a bad thing and is it related to the ADHD? sorry to ask silly questions, but its hard enough dealing with sons CP and Global Development delay without having more worries. Things are bad enough to start with. Sorry to grumble!!

RnB Tue 12-Jul-05 16:26:57

Message withdrawn

RnB Tue 12-Jul-05 16:27:51

Message withdrawn

butty Tue 12-Jul-05 16:34:13

i have known that she has had some sort of problem for over two years but to find out in the space of 1 day that she has ADHD and is on the ASD is a bit shocking as the doc feels that she is quite severe and will pursue more help, support and further assesments to see what meds if any. Although i have had an inclinc and have said especially last year that i feel it could have been ADHD, it is still very hard to comprehend, but thanks all you guys for your kind words and support.

maddiemo Tue 12-Jul-05 17:31:37

Hope you don't feel too upset butty.

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