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How many people are following the Bibic programme to the letter?

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Blossomhill Mon 11-Jul-05 21:35:36

Feeling really guilty as recently have let things slip. Do sensory about 3 times a week (should be twice a day)
Haven't used the timetable for a while
Still haven't made the chart showing dd her friends, family and then strangers
Am still following a healthy, organic as possible, processed free diet.

Just feel so bad but things are so hectic here at the moment.
Will try harder in the holidays.
Just feel so bad that as though I have let dd down but right now, after school, dd is so tired that even to get her to read or do homework is a chore.

RnB Mon 11-Jul-05 21:36:21

Message withdrawn

Blossomhill Mon 11-Jul-05 21:36:39

Now I didn't mean to put a blush next to diet as that's the one thing I am doing and deserve a pat on the back for. Blush should have been next to the sensory on top line

Blossomhill Mon 11-Jul-05 21:38:07

Oh that was quick !!!!!

How are you RnB? really lovely to see you last week and your very cute ds

RnB Mon 11-Jul-05 21:47:33

Message withdrawn

TheRealMrsF Mon 11-Jul-05 22:13:22

BH..thing DD still doing better?
...if she is ... then i would say you are adapting what you learnt just fine....maybe she doesn't need the sensory input twice a day....don't beat yourself have suceeded with the diet where i have not even had the courage to try.


Blossomhill Mon 11-Jul-05 22:18:41

Ah MrsF thank you

I think as HITC (?) put it last week there is always such tremendous guilt when you have a child with special needs that you are not doing enough to help.
I had a chat with the onsite SALT and did feel better as she agreed that dd had so much therapy in the day (ongoing social skills etc) that we should let her do her own thing after school just to let it all out.

Just feel like with Bibic we were given the chance and go back in Oct and tbh I doubt I'll go as not doing the programme properly

Have to say though Bibic was very beneficial in that it helped me understand dd a lot more and I feel more relaxed about things from the whole experience

TheRealMrsF Mon 11-Jul-05 22:22:34

but BH..i'm sure they are used to the 'drop off'....that's why they offer you to go a refresher...they musty know that when people first go home they are 'doing it to the letter'...then as time goes on...well...look at me!!!Pretending to be an Expert...and i've not even been!!!!

jayzmummy Mon 11-Jul-05 23:35:28

Blossom....there are times when we dont follow the plan to the letter. Personally for J I feel its better that we dont. He gets so stuck in his ways with crrying out the programme in his certain way that we swop and change just to prevent him from becoming ritualistic.

There are so many ways the sensory programme can be adapted to fit in with everyday life....we do it as and when time allows, but do try everyday to work on the particular areas J has major problems with.

We went back for our reassesment and I was so glad we did simply because we were able to see just how much J's sensory problems had improved.

Re-checking his diet was a bonus too and we have tweeked certain things.

We have had an out reach visit and TBH it was a waste of time...but maybe that was because we only went in a couple of months really wasnt going to show massive improvements.

Re-assessment is due in Nov....but I doubt we will go. We both feel think we have learnt all we can from BIBIC ATM....but I will not close the door completely as I am only too aware that as J gets older....ekkk puberty is only around the corner for us....we will face new challenges that maybe they can support us with.

Dont stress about it, you have moved on so much since you attended BIBIC with your DD and that in its self was worth the initial trip.

Pages Fri 15-Jul-05 21:36:48

Hi, me too! I thought I was going to be completely dedicated to the programme but 4 weeks on, I find I have still not got started on it properly, although I do bits and pieces of it here and there, such as letting DS make choices through pictures, going on the swing (vestibular whatsit) and a bit of sensory massage about twice a week!

I do feel bad about it, but on the other hand I think I am integrating bits of it into DS's life like some of you. I am also 35 weeks pg and suffering in this heat...

Merlot Sat 16-Jul-05 16:11:34

BH - I haven't really got going AT ALL on the sensory stuff

We too are due for revevaluation at the end of October. I'm not going to beat myself up about it...but I do feel guilty

sylvm Sat 16-Jul-05 16:44:32

Ladies - it sounds like you have all been doing fine. We are off to BIBIC first week of August and currently just finishing off the pre assessment forms to send off to them. I remember at our phone assessment we were asked how long a day we could dedicate to the programme and we said 30 mins. However, I already know that it will be impossible to do that every single day. Here in the real world, there is just so much going on. Provided we all do our best, that is fine. I think with any new thing, you're all enthusiastic at first, then it tails off a bit. We've been doing OT/Physio exercises for the past year most weekday mornings and its worked fine but I think we've now got to the point where neither dd or me want to do them any more. I'm not too bothered because I was intending to drop them to start on the BIBIC stuff anyway. You all seem to have come back with lots of positives from BIBIC and, although I have a certain amount of trepidation which is growing as the time gets nearer, I am hopeful that it will be a useful experience for all of us.

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