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Please help me write my first social story :-)

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Blossomhill Mon 11-Jul-05 21:31:46

As some of you are aware dd sometimes put things from the floor in her mouth (majority of the time it is edible, but still!). I am so keen to try and stop this as it only magnifies her sn even more. I mean social skills are hard enough for her as it is.
I am keen to write a story explainign why she shouldn't do it but haven't a clue where to start.
Please help this social story virgin

moondog Mon 11-Jul-05 21:37:35

BH,have you a copy of 'Wash your hands!' (I think it's this in English-we have it in Welsh) by Tony Ross? (Anderson Press Ltd.) One of the series about a little princess.

It covers issues like this and has been very useful in our house. Might save you the work?!

Blossomhill Mon 11-Jul-05 21:40:39

Oh Moondog, need to find it. Do they have a book on picking things off of the floor then. the washing hands after the toilet is another one my little madam could do with

moondog Mon 11-Jul-05 21:44:45

It's all to do with things being dirty,so leads very usefully into discussions about why eating off the floor isn't such a great idea,as well as lots of useful stuff about washing hands after going to the loo. It really has been helpful in our house. There is a whole series of the (other topics include feeling scared about the first night away from home,dealing with the birth of a sibling,losing milk teeth,not wanting to slepp and so on.)
We love 'em!

Blossomhill Mon 11-Jul-05 21:45:27

I'll have a look on Amazon, thanks

moondog Mon 11-Jul-05 21:46:50


monica2 Tue 12-Jul-05 20:13:52

Hi BH lovely to meet you last week try this clean hands social story Good Luck honey

Blossomhill Wed 13-Jul-05 11:02:29

Hi Monica Lovely to meet you too !

Dd really seemed to respond to the story so thank you very much

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