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Myelinization, couls somebosy explain me with apples what to read in the last result?

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Chandra Sun 10-Jul-05 21:28:41

Hello, sorry for introuding in this topic but I have a question and was wondering if somebody around could help me to understand the situation better. As some of you may be aware my nephew (3.5)has been diagnosed with autism, before the diagnosis was made a year ago he had several studies done and one included a study of his brain where the paediatric neurologist reported that the myelinization process was way behind for a child of his age. He was prescribed certain syrup to help the process and last week he had the study repeated and the result came back as "normal". What does this mean? would that make a big difference? or, would it make a difference at all?

During most of last year he has been attending therapy three days a week and he has started to imitate people, his eye contact has improved considerably and he seems more willing to interact with other people.

My sister was also contacted by a pair of ABA therapists that are looking to initiate an therapy group in her area and they mentioned about having 8 hours a day of ABA theraphy five days a week. My sister is not quite sure if that is too much, is it? or maybe, did I understand it wrong?

Chandra Sun 10-Jul-05 21:30:58

Sorry about the typos in the title , it meant to say could somebody...

Jimjams Sun 10-Jul-05 21:34:19

INteresting to me- one theory suggests that children who are slow to myelinate are more at risk of being knocked off course and developing and ASD (think of myelination as being like maturing of the nerve cells). I don't think it means much other than increasing the risk though.

ABA sounds good- she should go for it!

Chandra Sun 10-Jul-05 22:42:02

Thanks Jimjams. What could somebody expect once the myelinization shows to be normal?

P.S> read in another thread that you are going back to research in the near future, have you started yet? hope everything is going fine

tamum Sun 10-Jul-05 23:03:46

Chandra, I am no expert but it sounds very strange that a syrup would make myelinisation go from way behind to normal. I wonder what it was? Does he have neurological problems too?

Chandra Mon 11-Jul-05 00:37:21

I remember it was prescribed to help the myelinization process but when I checked it realised that it was very similar to something used to increase the attention span of hyperactive children, however it may well be a variant of the same laboratory. I don't have the full details, but there was a year between the first study and the second. How did it happen I don't have a clue (hence this thread ), though I found difficult that there maybe an error as the studies were done twice as they wanted to be sure and the results were reviewed by at least three neurologists, one of them is a brother of my father and he is also the head of neurology of the hospital. Though, as you may imagine from me not calling him uncle I don't feel close enough as to contact him directly to ask exactly how it could happen and which are the implications.

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