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support from Statement in school (ASD)? Help!

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midgeymoo Fri 08-Jul-05 14:32:11

I have a 4 yr old reception child who started school with a statement giving 7 1/2 hrs support for AS. I have repeatedly asked about social skills programme or social stories but he does not appear to get any direct support - just an extra adult in the room who sometimes sits with him.

What do others get??? I really want some direct strategies in place e.g. daily language work, visual cues, playtime support, social use of language programme but am I asking too much?

It has made communication with the school very difficult and I'm faced with the very scary prospect of having to move him and my daugher to get him the support he needs.

coppertop Fri 08-Jul-05 16:07:51

Hopefully someone will be along to give you more info about the statement etc but I just wanted to say that my ds1 (ASD) got a few of those things despite not having a statement (he's on School Action+). He's just coming to the end of his Reception year. His teacher used visual timetables for the whole class to show what activities were going to be happening that day, eg PE, assembly etc. Ds1 also had a small strip of pictures to use when the class had a number of activities to choose from. This helped to stop him from flitting about from one table to another without really taking part.

He was due to have 3 x 20mins sessions of speech therapy a week. This turned out not to be needed in the end as he had made so much progress with his language skills. He also has help with social skills. If there's a situation that he doesn't understand and it happens to be relevant to the rest of the class then the teacher reads the Social Story to the whole class. If it's something that the other children already know the SALT writes a Social Story to be used at home.

Ds1 also has a sensory integration programme at school each day. HTH

MeerkatsUnite Fri 08-Jul-05 16:19:33


Would initially suggest you speak to IPSEA about his statement as 7 1/2 hours of support each week for his needs does not seem adequate to my mind. Did the statement specify any specific provision?.

IPSEA's website address is and
they also run a helpline. It does get very busy but you should be able to talk to someone there.

I wish you well and am certain others on here will be able to help also.

midgeymoo Fri 08-Jul-05 18:05:24

That's really helpful and so interesting to hear what other reception classes have managed to put in place. My ds has had no SALT involvement in school despite it being named on his statement. I have used social stories at home but when I have mentioned them at school they have said that they do not feel they are appropriate evn though there are many many situations every day that my ds is confused and frustrated by. He has very strong visual skills but again no cues are in place even though he had these in nursery and playschool. I have been accused of being over anxious and of upsetting the class teacher and LSA when I have asked for thses strategies to be put in place. I have also asked about training for staff who work with him and been told it is a possibility. The school claim to be supporting him and meeting his needs but not with any of these strategies and not in any direct way.
I have spoken to the local ASD support team who have in turn spoken to the school. Now the school have accused me of 'stabbing them in the back' . The team have offered to go in to school but the school have again said that he is making progress and they don't require any advice.

I'm absolutely desperate as my hope was that early intervention would lead to support in developing social communication and interaction skills. He is very isolated at play and appears to have only made a few friends.

I live in Bexleyheath and am seriously considering trying to find a school which will do these things naturally as you have described from your ds1. But...I don't know which schools will as my dd attends the same school and I have always been very happy but obviously her needs are not the same as my ds.

Any advice really really welcome.

midgeymoo Fri 08-Jul-05 18:06:13

Coppertop, Forgot to ask, what does his sensory programme involve?

Davros Fri 08-Jul-05 18:17:32

I would seriously consider moving him, school sounds crap. You could also try the NAS helpline if you have trouble getting IPSEA.

coppertop Fri 08-Jul-05 19:11:45

The sensory programme is mainly a series of different exercises using things like exercise balls, trampolines, etc and lots of floor work. The exercises themselves are fairly simple (walking in a figure-of-eight, doing child-friendly push-ups etc) but it has made such a difference to ds1. He rarely spins now unless copying ds2 (also ASD) and is much less jttery. The programme is run by the SENCO and a TA. Ds1 really enjoys it.

If the school are being this pig-headed about helping your ds then I think I would seriously consider moving to a different school. Refusing to do visual timetables and Social Stories is madness. It's relatively cheap and simple. Once they have the Widgit program they can print off as many symbols they like. It sounds as though they've really got their heads in the sand (or up their own backsides!).

midgeymoo Mon 11-Jul-05 12:55:08

I have spoken to EPAS who say that they can only advise the school --- lead a horse to water but can't make it drink ---- They are adamant they are supporting his needs but unable to tell me how and if it isn't by using any of the recognised strategies which are named in his statement then I'm confused!

MeerkatsUnite Mon 11-Jul-05 13:18:30


Did you get hold of IPSEA?. You definately need to speak with them now if you have not already done so. If you have a copy of your son's statement to hand when you call this will help too as they can talk with you further.

I also feel that his level of support in terms of hours per week is not enough, sounds like the LEA you're under gave him the bare minimum.

As I understand it if a strategy has been specifically named in Part 3 (I seem to recall) of the SEN then it has to be carried out. They have to do the provisions named in this part of the statement.

When does his statement get reviewed?.

midgeymoo Mon 11-Jul-05 21:37:19

Thanks, I plan to contact them as soon as I get a chance, I've been tutoring all day and then it's just not possible to make phone calls when the children are home...I'm sure you know what I mean. i do think it's a postcode lottery as some LEA's seem to offer so much more in way of hours and support services. I'm in bexley and it does feel like it's the minimum.

midgeymoo Mon 11-Jul-05 21:38:02

Forgot to say. Review due in October, once he is in year 1.

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