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Dingle Fri 08-Jul-05 10:46:30

We have just bagged ourselves our very first appointment with an OT!!!!!

Just been on the phone as initailly they wanted to see her on the same day she had already got her paediatric assessment and a SALT session!!!
They rang straight back and booked it for a few days after that, but still before her Team around the child meeting!!!

OMG, there is just so much going on ATM. Feeling rather pleased with myself because I have almost finished my draft copy of the DLA form!! Just got to summaries all the info now so that it fits on their pages!!!

beccaboo Fri 08-Jul-05 11:27:19

Yeah, way to go Dingle!

MandM Fri 08-Jul-05 11:31:54

Fantastic news Dingle!

And well done re the DLA forms. They are such a pain, but it will be a huge relief once they are out of the way.

Dingle Fri 08-Jul-05 12:11:43

Quite good really, only been asking for 18months!!
This is the thing that annoys me. I don't want ongoing sessions, but an assesment to establish her areas of weakness and cover the issues that I face with her at home.

If these weakness could be identified and a few exercises given to carry out at home/nursery NOW rather than just before she is starting school, then surely she will have more chance at adjusting.

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