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Get Down!!!

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eidsvold Fri 08-Jul-05 02:57:23

OH my goodness... I am on the phone trying to locate dd2s lost toy ( another story) and hear dd1 moaning. Tell her to be quiet as I am on the phone and I will get to her in a second. Get to her to find her up a ladder that is leaning near our front door and beside it is an open window space that looks over our internal stairs that go down to the rumpus... BLOODY HELL.... who taught her to climb..... That last time she tried to climb a ladder to a slide she got to the first rung and put her legs through and just sat down!!!!

Think I am calm now.....

My SIL just laughed when I phoned to tell her - her 1 yo climbs everything and everywhere.. mmm perhaps some cousin telepathy ....

Bouj Fri 08-Jul-05 05:11:17

Urgh, its that horrible cold panic that crawls all over you as you try to calmly coax them down!!

eidsvold Fri 08-Jul-05 10:49:01

no calm about it - I just grabbed her down and told her NO!!! whilst madly signing no in makaton

Davros Fri 08-Jul-05 18:02:58

Scary but progress?!

eidsvold Sat 09-Jul-05 05:24:45

yes... great progress..... I did have a giggle while I was telling dh and sil.

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