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hitting the baby again

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jenk1 Thu 07-Jul-05 20:14:38

went to the bathroom this morning,came downstairs to DD screaming. Asked DS whats wrong he says "i accidently hit her with the sky remote control" now i know this is no accident cos when i went upstairs he was no where near her, i looked at him and he burst into tears and started screaming "it was an accident" so i managed to calm him down eventually, am nearing the end of my tether now, DH rang hospital and spoke to one of the psychs, he said sounds like DS is getting over-stimulated and taking it out on DD,asked if we were paying more than usual attemtion to DD, but DH told him that she is a lot better now with her allergies and we have been spending a lot more time with DS especially DH. Apparently the senior psych is on holiday until monday and he cant do anything until then,really worried about what DS will do next

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